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Saturday, March 31, 2012

modern streets post6 board complete

YES YES YES!!!! it is done the board is done I am moving onto the next on now... I am finished with a large project and glad to see the end result. the final building a clothes store was done today. and with out further adoo here is the end result
ivy on a roof I do not recall a building having this before

that is because it is the last one to go into the board

upstairs an art gallery is being prepared with alot of cardboard and other construction materials strewn across the floor

what a messy pile of clothes, this store has no sence of presentation

the fashion of the people... yea right half of those clothes were camo

a pretty boaring place. but I am a male so I am naturaly boared by it

and a changing room, not very private though
there you go. so this part of the project comes to an end. the war has come and the city is engulfed in the fires of conflict... But there is more to do and more to build. stick around a little longer and see what comes next

Helo to  Bdon au my newest follower. I cannot find if you have a blog or not but that does not matter. Welcome

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