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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Earth Defence forces - Sci-fi fun

Well here I go off on another crazy idea but one that is perhaps not as crazy as others. Basically it's a consequence of Dr Who and we can all blame him for the idea. Basically I wish to create some Oronegrean based Global defence force. Second (or third) only in skill to the Black Angels in the Oronegrean Armed Forces - Fuerzas Armardas de la republica de Oronegro (FARO). Admitidly this is not such a big deal as the Black Angels (Los Angeles Negros) are one of the best military units of the human race, their exact position in the top 10 is unknown (like most of the other contenders).
These figures from Elhiem fit the bill. although they look a bit like Storm troopers.

Naturally I'll need some guys well creatures, mutants, robots and cyborgs to invade but as those plans are already in my head I need not go over them again.


War is hell and if Oronegro is the child of my imagination then I am putting my child through hell... I am a terrible parent
Well the real Oronegro story is quite depresssing. a story on a powerful nation ripped appart in which civilians took up arms against a democratic but quite uncaring government (and in many areas corrupt) the conflict which engulfed Oronegro was explotied and worsened by the global superpowers which were also at war! the story allows for many possibilities and I can make up lots of stuff but if I only go down the route of civil war and serious conflict (for my moderns) I don't think that I can have some really fun scenarios. sure I can have fun but none of the scenario's can be completely ridicculous and light hearted. I have been criticised for having a civil war, which is why the Soviets and the US (and any other self respecting power) is involved in an attempt to move away from the nastyness that comes with all civil wars.

if this is you call FARO... or just accept your fate. which ever is easier.
but these science fiction plans allow me to add a bit of sillyness and fun to the doom and gloom. zombies getting blown up left right and centre by a cyborg sheriff (another idea from the Dr Who episode -"a town called Mercy") Now this does not mean I intend to make Oronegro into a totally unrealistic place. the zombies, have their explanations, chemical weapons. the Advanced forces as well they pop up during the war and are repressed.

and as there are no pictures of Faro and a dalek here is the nect best thing... at least the dalek can feel safe while is raises money to help daleks avoid the doctor.
FARO is one of those groups that helps to repress these outbreaks, invations, uprisings etc. Anyway thats that. now its over to you guys for your comments and ideas