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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Piratical Pirate Preview or Silly sailor sneak peek

well well well here I am another post before the year is out... what have I been thinking? no new posts on the Oronegro blog but the story there will be completed sooner or later. just got to get a round to it.

here are SOME of the figures that I have done, a few more were completed after these guys and some are being made up now... with a few more as yet un-started and some lying there in need of work. so Here are the Oronegrean Pirates and Sailors
all of them together you can see that they are all based up. for the 18th century I will base all my figs one terrain suitable for their combat home, so pirates and sailors on beaches, for the captain on the left the ships deck or in some building

one of my all time favourites, if you could not tell already... formally Robin Hood himself now a pirate

one of my least liked, his conversion didn't work well there is another converted to a shooting sailor/pirate but with a different method. looks better so far

only a small change for this guy, hat swap and now he wears shorts... I like this guy also

bicorns are hard to make right, they either become to tall or not wide enough, but with practice I should get it right eventually... of coarse he is a gun crew member

another gun crew member, I experimented with a stripey shirt... looks fine to me

the Captain of the HMS Anne. He needs a name. he is a conversion from the Zvezda Medieval field artillery set, not much was changed just the type of helmet.
well there you have it, a few more done before the year is out but the whole lot will not be complete before the year has passed. I hope you have enjoyed this preview and as always have a happy, healthy, hobby filled new year

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oronegro's military groes but what about foes

Well, well christmas gave me 2 sets that I needed to build up my Oronegro force.... the HaT W├╝rttemberg Infantry and Strelets British Light Infantry in Egypt now of coarse this gives me some scope for civil wars or some other conflict.... some of the strelets light infantry will find themselves on board pirate ships once they are completed. However once I have painted that plastic mountain (well for me at least that's a lot of unpainted figs to have lying around, except those moderns, damn ooh shiny syndrome) I will need to consider some foes.

Now Laurence Strong (Larry) from the Wargaming Guild is sending me some figs, I am not sure how many yet, they are destined to be crew aboard the ships but I am sure there will be a few appropriate for some foes.

However I have a horrible habit of always looking ahead and planning what to get next... as you may have seen over the history of this blog. However don't worry these posts are fun and your advice is great... so what is gowan planning???


Pirates are simple really, I think that the gift from Canada should solve that, if not Cossacks will, or actual pirate sets... cossacks wear the right pants... the only reason they are on my realistic idea list. Natives are a bit more complex as I have yet to get a definite design for what they should look like. other Europeans or just European like foes are simple enough, plenty on the market though its a question of sorting out those few sets from the mountains of possibilities. and as for others, well not sure apart from strange jungle creatures.

right my followers, I think its best that any of you who have gamed with musket armed armies offer whatever advice you have before I do something stupid (again). I have also thought of a few bit and bobs to make but as always your input is invaluable. But most of all

What would you like to see in Oronegro?

Now onto official site business. greetings to CPBelt From a league of ordinary gamers welcome to the blog