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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

what happened to the bear?

in the story I posted the other day the Russians disappear. However it is clear that such a force could not simply go and never be seen again. so I have decided that this Russian force must reappear at some point during the height of the civil war! so any way lets form a plot line. (in story fashion)

Dear Juan
It is clear that the force of men you encountered must have escaped to the west of your position towards the other valley here is a map to show the relative movements blue representing your force as it headed to deal with whatever your squad faced and the movement that those foes your squad faced mus have gone.
the red zone is where the battle took place
it is clear they must have held a ridge up on the west side of the valley as there is no way they could have encountered your force if they were on the north or south of valley. according to your troops the helicopters (Hinds according to some) came around the valleys bend in the north there fore there must be some form of an encampment in that area. it seems clear that the ridge line must have been turned into a look out post watching movement up the valley and even looking at the town. local tribes have found evidence of fortification in the area and the jungle provides such a great cloak that even a decent sized base could be hidden in the region. I have compiled another map showing the route that according to the tribes in the area any force must have taken in yellow, red represents the locations of what have been deemed fortified posts (including the ridge) the highlighted area must be where the base is hidden as no tribal peoples have been there for a long time due to disappearances, blue is the most likely location for either the camp or some outposts of it. the black line is the route the hinds must have come from.
red= fortification. highlighted area is possible location of a camp. blue is where the fort most likely is. black is direction hinds came from and yellow is the escape route for the force.
it is clear from this map at least that there could be a substantial force hidden in this area and that we need to do something. unfortunately in the past years since this skirmish our once proud nation has broken in half and is engulfed in turmoil that appears to have originated in this area... I am under the impression that the missing army that has returned to bring us down must have hidden around here... though they did not go into that region with helicopters. though reports from the beleaguered capital have reported hinds. so maybe they picked them up from somewhere... perhaps this force of foreign (apparently) soldiers sold them to our foes and we should do our utmost to try and find out who they are. If they were from the Soviet Union our allies in the west must be told as surely any force from that area means to overthrow our government and install a communist one! Unfortunately this region is a hotbed of rebel activity so we may not be able to send a force in. however  there is one unit that could do the job... Los Angeles Negros!

best of luck Juan, I know you are under intense bombardment in the capital but maybe you can find a way out then you and I can do our best to get to the bottom of this dangerous event!

from Mr G
(leader of the unofficial government)

Monday, June 18, 2012

the bear in the land of the jaguar

OK so maybe its one of my most imaginative titles but... I am about to present a story of Russians in Oronegro, just after the great soviet reunion of 2021. A few years before the total collapse of order and the height of the great rebellion

the following is an account of a skirmish between a squad of the 12th battalion and an a small unidentified force of foreign soldiers:

1:30am - just outside the small town of El Gato
 the 12th battalion under the command of Centurion Juan Alfonzo Costa Pizarro was encamped in the small town of El Gato when a native tribal elder entered the town reporting an "well armed and hostile force" patrolling the highlands around the town. he described that "they spoke in an odd language not that of the local tribes or of the Spanish settlers". the General soon got other reports from locals of strange sounds coming from the west during thunderstorms. he went to discuss his actions with his other officers.

A squad (20 men) was sent out into the forest using the trails that the local tribe showed them. they approached a ridge line when the chief stopped and pointed into the top of the hill where a silhouette of a human form could be seen. it was decided that the squad should proceed but no sooner had they stood back up that the jungle around them was suddenly full of noise.

the first shots are fired from the hill top. at first they come from small arms but then automatic fire and heavy machine guns rain lead down upon the squad. 2 men are KIA and a further 2 are wounded. the soldiers are poorly equipped as they are members of the native battalion who receive equipment that was standard in the late 1940's and 1950's. though the fire is constant the trees provide cover and the squad manages to get into secure positions.

as the sky starts to turn blue the fire-fight begins to die down. by this stage the squad has lost 5 men 1/4 of it's strength and 3 are wounded. the local tribal chief and his followers manage to escape taking the wounded with them, to the village 3 km away.

6:12 am
the squad hears the sound of helicopters in the distance, and takes this as a sign of reinforcements on the way....

to the dismay of the remaining soldiers it is Hinds that appear coming up the valley. the Hinds immediately open fire on the position forcing the soldiers to abandon their fallen comrades and disperse into the jungle.

6:45 am
the remaining 12 men of the squad regroup. they are found by the local tribe which then takes them to the safety of the village.

the rest of the 12th battalion enters the village after hearing the fire fight. they all then decide to go up to the ridge.  however they only find their dead and a few bullet holes in the local trees on top of the ridge. whoever was there did a good job of hiding the evidence.

The foes encountered by the squad have never been positively identified. it is clear they were not just the normal guerrilla bands that Oronegro was facing at that time, it may have been the "lost legion" as battalion under the command of General Juan Carlos Alonzo Fernandez. which disappeared into the forest around that time only to reappear a few years later as the rebel army.... however the Hinds suggest that a foreign force, most likely a Russian one (due to the language that was reported) was involved however the Soviet Union denies any involvement in the lands of Oronegro until the Rebellion intensified in 2123-24 and foreign troops entered the nation to stabilise and then fight over it for political reasons

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

progress report...

in general the situation here is one of great progress in the figs department.. shinney little men are rolling of the production line at light speed. however builders will be buildes and no progress has been made on those embassies.

a materials shortage is the claimed cause. however these contracters are a dodgy sort (I know I have good friends who are contractors :-P ). they problem is due to parents dumping the piles of cardboard boxes left over from moving house. I'll need to build up supplies before work can start. then there is the problem of paint. I am getting low on black and grey which are crucuial to the construction effort. with cash reserves low. construction will have to remain on hold for the duration on the current cash shortage in the oronegrean reserves.

well not a good report on the whole but the figs are doing well..... Unfortunately I have doveloped a nasty cold and am off sick again... moving to another country means you must go through al those nasty deseases again :-( we have been here 7 years and still I get ill

Sunday, June 3, 2012

embassy boards part 1 ALL FOLLOWERS REPORT

well I know that the poll is not over yet, but the small response is just enough to make me just start already!!!!

Give me the names of your nations NOW!!!!! so I can build you an embassy. as you can see from the following pics; there is allot of room to build.... so come on and get involved
they almost perfectly line up... this makes me happy

ah that main road will need to be shown in full. I'll add another main road to the mix as well. more realistic for embassies to be on wide roads
so come on guys join in the fun!!!! names, nations, and plans (for your embassy) are all welcome

Friday, June 1, 2012

more work on the map,,,

well here we go a bit more progress and I have made it bigger, given it a key and also added a new feature... forts/ millitary bases :-)
take a good look everybody
have a nice queens birthday weekend to all my Kiwi viewers and comonwealth ones. to all you others happy normal weekend