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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where the magic happens... or the places where it does

Ok so I was on Benno's and finnaly decided to post my hobby room(s) (bits of rooms). But I thought why not put it on the blog. so here we go here is the place where the magic, madness, whatever happens.
My pile of finnished works, works in progress, unfinnished and a couple unstarted  boxes of figs , together with my  useful stuff box. And a box which may be used for storage later on.

the box of spures. I may look to sell or swap out some of the older unwanted spures from here

In the cuboard Another box. With all the materials I need for projects. Yes that is a TV remote in the box. I am going to use parts of it for a super computer in a bunker or something

still in the wardrobe. A box with bits and bobs at the bottom. The shoe box above houses my Romans, Russians and Modern figs. And above that my paints

\Now we venture off to the garage and find my plywood I use for building boards. All free of coarse

The table against the wall is my old N scale railway maybe when this cleared . I'll put up some pics

the garge floor a real mess. Unsorted boxes from moving in and the assorted bits and pieces for my current city streets project which you can also see

the wardrobe. All my stuff is designed to be stored away. Unfortunately I have to share this space with my sisters LEGO and my fathers suits :-(

The kitchen table all ready for dinner. But when I'm there it's covered in newspaper and small armies being painted as well as cities being constructed

And yes those boxes all end up under my bed. It can be pain when the cats go crazy under there. I lost a good few dosen figs that way. May they rest in piece. And enjoy themselves in the great diorama in the sky :-(
So there you go not the most organised or largest set up. But it is mine and I'm ok with it... Now where is my plywood again???

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

modern streets post1 And some ideas about military organisation

First up the project

For all of you who do not know what this is it is a wargame base that represents a Latin American City in the year 2020.

for the rest of you who do know. here is the update.
I have added details to the room. A bed with pillows and a towel. On the wall there is a painting I'll focus on that later

A new building has gone in already this will be a simple shop unless you want it to be something else

the painting. simpley got off Google images, copied into word, given a boarder, printed of and pasted in

The large gapping hole in the hotel has been partialy fixed so that the hostages who are held in there won't choose suicide over ransom.

and a view from above of the new building and the hotel without it's roof
Now the idea
It occured to me today that I needed something to organise my figs. Well the military ones that is. I decides I would need to put them into groups but how big and what should they be called?
here is what I've come up with so far...
  • The smallest unit of men will be 5 men and will be called a "team". I have not decided on the name so you can give me one. :-D
  • the next unit size of men will be the "Squad" and will comprise of 25 men led by a "captain". I'm not sure about captain though.
  • The next one up is the "Unit" which contains 50 men =2 squads. Led by a Commander.
  • Then there is a "battalion" 100 men= 2 units/4 squads. Led by a Centurion. I wanted something a bit more unique for the system but you can find a cooler name if you want.
There is the basic unit sizes and the people who lead them. I would like for you guys to possibly help me by rethinking the size of the units and the names of the personell who lead them. 
Here is what I came up with for support...
  • Each Squad (25 men) shall have a support team of 15 men. A grand total of 40.
  • the shall be the captain
  • 3 LMG's
  • 3-6 rocket launchers of various types.
  • 0-3 engineers, depends on the ammount of Rocket launchers
  • 4 members of a Guard and or recon team to scout and secure the area
  • and a medic
there you have the numbers of each of the supporting infantry. Here is the list of supporting vehicles a Squad shall have
  • 2 APC's (light and/or heavy) each with a capacity of 20 men.
  • 1 Tank (heavy AFV) and/or a light AFV depending on the situation.
  • In cases where is required. the following will be used instead of those above.
  • A drop ship. Helicopter, plane or Heli-plane (like the Osprey) instead of APC or tank
  • Hover craft. and or boat. instead of APC
  • Gun boat instead of tank or light AFV
  • In extreame cases many of the above will be used at once. it all depends on where and how the fight takes place.
So there you go. You can comment on the project or help me with the organisation of the forces I have.
... Please still comment on the other topics and threads as I will only stop discussing them either when I decide  (not) to do a project or when I complete that project.

have a nice day.

Idea number 2 details for the streets project.

OK as you all know I have been building a wargaming board set in a Latin American city. What I need is some details for it and some future projects I'll put up here soon. So let me begin.

my idea is to;

  1. think of somethings to decorate the walls, floors and furniture in my little city
  2. think of the use for the types of images. for Example a painting goes in an art gallery. blue prints in a small room used by terrorists for organisation.
  3. find on the internet suitible images that can be used for that theme and or building.
  4. print them off and put them in.
I have a few things printed off already but they are mostly rugs and things to go in a terrorist and/or rebel base. I am getting some paintings for the hotel and the buildings on the second sheet but I can't think of what else to put up there... That is where you come in. What should I put up on the walls. What buildings should they go in.

I have another board ready and waiting to be used for an extension of the street so I can add more buildings there. So you just tell me what would be cool and I'll try and build it ;-D

here are some pics of what I am talking about.
look in the back ground- a blank wall. this is a hotel it needs paintings and other things.  I've got some but what else does it need?
this the plan for the bar we are going to build. The rebels control it. what sort of political and/or social details should it include?
this is the top floor of the bar. It'll have rooms to stay in what should they have. an assassins  hide out?
these are some of the things I printed off already. What themes and or building projects can you make up?
Ok viewers the task is up to you. Can you aid me in my quest or will you let me fall. This is the moment of triumph. or insanity you decide

Ok I am going to acknolage my followers now so here we go...
Hi to Emmett from Emmett's Wargaming and HistoryThe UltraModern Warrior. and Red Alert.
helo and welcome to Lone Wolf from Lonewolf's Welten.
And finnaly helo to Ben.b. ben I don't find a link to your site on the followers info.

Cheack out these sites. And thanks guys for following my maddness. Even if it is just to laugh at my insanity

Monday, February 27, 2012

MY first crazy idea!!

OK well lets get started here is my first mad idea... It is for a bit of terrain... for my modern stuff.....
It's a sewer system...
ok so not such an apetisinng idea but one that might be of use for countless games.

here is the main idea...
as you know PVC piping is very easy to get hold of all around the world. So I hope maybe you could also copy this idea. I was planning on using the circlar tubing but that would require alot of work to make it useful. so intead here is the plan.

  • The rectangular PVC piping you get at the hardware store.
  • some superglue or PVC cement and silicon filler if required.
  • some foam or other suitible material for the walk ways.
  • paint.
Something to help design the sewer system. some pics.

There you go something to use as a guidline then but what do I need to know and what can you help me with???

Here is my material I intend to use.
What I want to know is how should I use it.

  • should I make one solid base with a set layout?
  • should I have many modualr pieces?
  • how do I create the central channel and, or raised walkways the sewers in the images have?
  • what do you know about gaming in sewers?
  • if you were to play a wargame in a sewer what would you want it to be?
  • how can I do this in a ceap and easy, yet good looking way?
Yes alot of questions but why not? this is my first crazy idea I am sharring with you so I want you to know what sort of things we can disscuss.

So go on comment, advise, help, or just say it is a stupid idea. this is my first of many crazy ideas! :-D

Helo one and all to my other blog!!

right let's get donwn to buisneuss. Namely why have I started this blog...

Well I realised that my other blog Gowan's 1/72 scale models was getting filled up with posts on my major projects. I therefore decided that I wanted to show the world how I was progressing in my projects but not to fill up my models blog with them... the solution

This blog

here I will not only post my projects for you to look at but also I'll post my ideas for new projects and other plans that you the viewer can discuss with me. I would love for everyone to do that even if you don't have a blog just post as annonymous. I want this to be a more interactive blog. With me the blogger posting ideas and progress and you the public commenting and recomending on them...

so come and say hi I really don't mind if all you say is just hi just say something ;-D