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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

modern streets post1 And some ideas about military organisation

First up the project

For all of you who do not know what this is it is a wargame base that represents a Latin American City in the year 2020.

for the rest of you who do know. here is the update.
I have added details to the room. A bed with pillows and a towel. On the wall there is a painting I'll focus on that later

A new building has gone in already this will be a simple shop unless you want it to be something else

the painting. simpley got off Google images, copied into word, given a boarder, printed of and pasted in

The large gapping hole in the hotel has been partialy fixed so that the hostages who are held in there won't choose suicide over ransom.

and a view from above of the new building and the hotel without it's roof
Now the idea
It occured to me today that I needed something to organise my figs. Well the military ones that is. I decides I would need to put them into groups but how big and what should they be called?
here is what I've come up with so far...
  • The smallest unit of men will be 5 men and will be called a "team". I have not decided on the name so you can give me one. :-D
  • the next unit size of men will be the "Squad" and will comprise of 25 men led by a "captain". I'm not sure about captain though.
  • The next one up is the "Unit" which contains 50 men =2 squads. Led by a Commander.
  • Then there is a "battalion" 100 men= 2 units/4 squads. Led by a Centurion. I wanted something a bit more unique for the system but you can find a cooler name if you want.
There is the basic unit sizes and the people who lead them. I would like for you guys to possibly help me by rethinking the size of the units and the names of the personell who lead them. 
Here is what I came up with for support...
  • Each Squad (25 men) shall have a support team of 15 men. A grand total of 40.
  • the shall be the captain
  • 3 LMG's
  • 3-6 rocket launchers of various types.
  • 0-3 engineers, depends on the ammount of Rocket launchers
  • 4 members of a Guard and or recon team to scout and secure the area
  • and a medic
there you have the numbers of each of the supporting infantry. Here is the list of supporting vehicles a Squad shall have
  • 2 APC's (light and/or heavy) each with a capacity of 20 men.
  • 1 Tank (heavy AFV) and/or a light AFV depending on the situation.
  • In cases where is required. the following will be used instead of those above.
  • A drop ship. Helicopter, plane or Heli-plane (like the Osprey) instead of APC or tank
  • Hover craft. and or boat. instead of APC
  • Gun boat instead of tank or light AFV
  • In extreame cases many of the above will be used at once. it all depends on where and how the fight takes place.
So there you go. You can comment on the project or help me with the organisation of the forces I have.
... Please still comment on the other topics and threads as I will only stop discussing them either when I decide  (not) to do a project or when I complete that project.

have a nice day.

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