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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Idea number 2 details for the streets project.

OK as you all know I have been building a wargaming board set in a Latin American city. What I need is some details for it and some future projects I'll put up here soon. So let me begin.

my idea is to;

  1. think of somethings to decorate the walls, floors and furniture in my little city
  2. think of the use for the types of images. for Example a painting goes in an art gallery. blue prints in a small room used by terrorists for organisation.
  3. find on the internet suitible images that can be used for that theme and or building.
  4. print them off and put them in.
I have a few things printed off already but they are mostly rugs and things to go in a terrorist and/or rebel base. I am getting some paintings for the hotel and the buildings on the second sheet but I can't think of what else to put up there... That is where you come in. What should I put up on the walls. What buildings should they go in.

I have another board ready and waiting to be used for an extension of the street so I can add more buildings there. So you just tell me what would be cool and I'll try and build it ;-D

here are some pics of what I am talking about.
look in the back ground- a blank wall. this is a hotel it needs paintings and other things.  I've got some but what else does it need?
this the plan for the bar we are going to build. The rebels control it. what sort of political and/or social details should it include?
this is the top floor of the bar. It'll have rooms to stay in what should they have. an assassins  hide out?
these are some of the things I printed off already. What themes and or building projects can you make up?
Ok viewers the task is up to you. Can you aid me in my quest or will you let me fall. This is the moment of triumph. or insanity you decide

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  1. If I were in a Latin America city I urgend need a ventilator or an air conditioning. I think normaly you can find these things in a hotel.

  2. yes. that is an idea. But they are normaly big and bulkey. Well the ones in Argentina were. Rather I am looking for some things I can print of and stick on the walls.

    Nice Idea though I may use it. The Hotel I am building now though is in the middle of a bad neighbourhood. so I may think about some more political things to put in. But I do have plenty of paintings. any recomendations as to what might be good for the hotel?