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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where the magic happens... or the places where it does

Ok so I was on Benno's and finnaly decided to post my hobby room(s) (bits of rooms). But I thought why not put it on the blog. so here we go here is the place where the magic, madness, whatever happens.
My pile of finnished works, works in progress, unfinnished and a couple unstarted  boxes of figs , together with my  useful stuff box. And a box which may be used for storage later on.

the box of spures. I may look to sell or swap out some of the older unwanted spures from here

In the cuboard Another box. With all the materials I need for projects. Yes that is a TV remote in the box. I am going to use parts of it for a super computer in a bunker or something

still in the wardrobe. A box with bits and bobs at the bottom. The shoe box above houses my Romans, Russians and Modern figs. And above that my paints

\Now we venture off to the garage and find my plywood I use for building boards. All free of coarse

The table against the wall is my old N scale railway maybe when this cleared . I'll put up some pics

the garge floor a real mess. Unsorted boxes from moving in and the assorted bits and pieces for my current city streets project which you can also see

the wardrobe. All my stuff is designed to be stored away. Unfortunately I have to share this space with my sisters LEGO and my fathers suits :-(

The kitchen table all ready for dinner. But when I'm there it's covered in newspaper and small armies being painted as well as cities being constructed

And yes those boxes all end up under my bed. It can be pain when the cats go crazy under there. I lost a good few dosen figs that way. May they rest in piece. And enjoy themselves in the great diorama in the sky :-(
So there you go not the most organised or largest set up. But it is mine and I'm ok with it... Now where is my plywood again???

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