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Saturday, July 14, 2012

embassies part1 yes I have started

well OK then here are the first pics of the new boards, they are at different stages of progress. But as you can see they are well under way. no turning back now, it's just a shame it's school tomorrow. the holidays are never long enough.
as you can see this is no small project I have started... hence the long delays

this board is the most advanced, no embassies here but some more shops and houses

this is the smallest board too but stiff of decent size

then this the next most advanced, this will have buildings on one sides and small guard posts on the other which allow access to the underground car parks

those posts will be given signs or lights I have yet to decide. I have still to decide how to build the barriers

and these boards are the ones where the embassies will go. they are the leaset advanced but also the biggest. maybe in a few days they'll start to resenble a road layout and not a concrete mess

down here is the cross roads where the one way road meets a two way one, I think
well there you are guys, enjoy.
welcome to Commissarmoody from Moodys adventures I do believe I may have got that name wrong on the other blog but no matter welcome my friend enjoy this home of crazy ideas and plans

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I am writing a story now....

Well my fellow blog followers I knew this time could come but I have over the last few days tried not to start this dreaded stroy. But I could not help myself and for the last little while, an hour or more? I have tunred into nocternal story writer and not coming up to 10:45 pm  I have a prolouge to present.

The Dance of the Jaguar!
In Oronegro, the leaves do fall, upon the site of a vicious brawl. What was once shops and narrow street stalls are now battlegrounds, where men do fall! The once proud nation, tipped to fall. Into a chaos that will doom us all!
Oronegro is a small nation in the south of Latin America, her exact location is hard to determine as most maps made seem to exclude her and her neighbours. Though the reader of the following accounts may be able to find for him/herself a reason for this, I the author cannot seem to comprehend the immense error that generations of cartographers and even our best geographers have made in not acknowledging her existence.
First things first… Oronegro was first colonised by the Spanish in the early 16th century.  They were highly disappointed to find that Oronegro was not the goldmine that they were seeking for they were in search of El Dorado.
 During the 19th century Oronegro sought independence, however she looked for help from an overseas power. Around 1860 Oronegro Formally asked Britain to aid her in her independence. Unfortunately Britain was engaged in Wars with Maori in New Zealand and did not have the spare troops to send over. However she did send privateers who were lured with promises of gold and silver (which had then been found in vast quantities). These men helped fight for the small nation’s freedom and afterwards set up the large and most important businesses in the nation. This was done with the treasure they won, their actions created a strong link between the small nation and Britain which would last up until the present day.
During the first and second world wars Oronegro stood by and watched as her big aunty Britain fought the scary German. However it was to be noted that two main important occurrences during these times have forever shaped the nation…
During the Second World War Britain needed tanks but could not help but look to overseas help, in the end the USA became a major provider but Oronegro was also a keen member of the club, For in Oronegro British tanks of British designs were being built, and to a high standard. Unfortunately for Oronegro the U-boats stopped most shipments and the USA built the Sherman in such quantities that her small supply of Crusaders was of little help to Britain. So most of the weapons were sold to her neighbour Gran Bolivia and as a consequence of the trades turn took on a distinctly British look. It will be noted that other neighbours took on the look of the Third Reich- Orotinia. This is a hint that the next major occurrence during this period began long before the end of the war…  
Oronegro and Orotinia both welcomed NAZI scientists and military officials into their lands after the war. Oronegro which had a great costal port and plenty of oil wealth was very appealing to them. It was no surprise then that the armies of both these nations during the 40’s and 50’s became like mirror images of the armies that had almost conquered the whole of Europe. Oronegro has been long criticized for this action however the USA who is the loudest voice amongst the group becomes quiet when reminded about those scientists it employed for its rocket programs. It is still unknown as to whether Oronegro, the USA or the Soviet Union got the better men.
During the cold war Oronegro remained quiet as not to stir the larger powers in their work. She tried to covertly play both sides off to her advantage however she had one large weakness… Her loyalty to Britain and to Spain, the two nations she saw as her founders. This meant she had to look west even when her people favoured the view eastwards. She Pumped oil for the USA, while she provide safe haven for soviets spies and troops, she made tanks for the UK while she gave their stats to the Russians. All of this made her a powerful, wealthy but disliked nation. So she along with many other nations ceased to appear on maps their memory was erased. Only a few knew of them and their troubles. But with the fall of the first Soviet Union came the end of the first chapter of the story of the nation and those years between the fall of the Soviet Union and the great Soviet Reunion, are known to be some of the most dark and foreboding times in Oronegro’s if not the worlds history.
During the early years of the 21st century Oronegro tried to reconcile with the great powers. This was to prove fruitful and helpful to the economy of the nation but detrimental to her social wellbeing. She pumped oil day and night the once great farmlands of her west were torn up for oilrigs. The Black gold in the land called so because of the resources abundance was becoming the very cause of her pain. During the late 2010’s the world’s food and oil shortages did not affect the small nation directly but the demand for oil indirectly caused her downfall in the early 2020’s. it was at this time that popular socialist movements began to appear around the globe and little Oronegro was not going to miss out with her fair share.
THE YEAR WAS 2021 the year of the great SOVIET REUNION!!!!!!!!!!!
So the troubles began the cold war closed back upon the world but the communist powers were greater than ever. The scientists in Oronegro’s bunkers got hard to work making weapons, Challenger II tanks rolled off Oronegro’s production lines for Britain but also the nation herself. For now the infighting started. The lost army, the Bear in the land of the jaguar all these come from the time of great uncertainty  and in 2023 The great lost army returned calling for the immediate establishment of a communist state under the direct control of the Soviet Union. And so this is where our troubled story begins…

these are the words I have just wrote on microsoft word so no need to fear i am typing such a large piece on blogger alone.

hope you like it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

lets start this project then

well it is now the school holidays and although the teachers have oppressed me with homework I may just have enough to start this epic project. I have noticed a few problems with the proposed layout I showed before... the way the building open up means that other boards would need to be moved around for acces to the interiors of them. but I shall overcome this soon when I actualy get around to it. perhaps this week shall be used for school work but then the next can be used...

Right I got a list of nations which need to be represented....
  1. Britain (my homeland)
  2. Spain ?
  3. USA 
  4. Soviet Union
  5. Franonia
  6. Rayonia (need it after I had the diplomats)
  7. Orotinia 
  8. Gran Bolivia
  9. Peterstan
  10. France
  11. Harad
  12. Germany
  13. Argentina
I hope that the number 13 does not mean bad luck for the embassies and legations (muhahahaha) anyway I must say that a few of the nations will be grouped together in one building. IF I HAVE MISSED OUT YOUR NATION PLEASE SAY SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there you go feel free to make recomendations