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Saturday, July 14, 2012

embassies part1 yes I have started

well OK then here are the first pics of the new boards, they are at different stages of progress. But as you can see they are well under way. no turning back now, it's just a shame it's school tomorrow. the holidays are never long enough.
as you can see this is no small project I have started... hence the long delays

this board is the most advanced, no embassies here but some more shops and houses

this is the smallest board too but stiff of decent size

then this the next most advanced, this will have buildings on one sides and small guard posts on the other which allow access to the underground car parks

those posts will be given signs or lights I have yet to decide. I have still to decide how to build the barriers

and these boards are the ones where the embassies will go. they are the leaset advanced but also the biggest. maybe in a few days they'll start to resenble a road layout and not a concrete mess

down here is the cross roads where the one way road meets a two way one, I think
well there you are guys, enjoy.
welcome to Commissarmoody from Moodys adventures I do believe I may have got that name wrong on the other blog but no matter welcome my friend enjoy this home of crazy ideas and plans

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