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Monday, July 2, 2012

lets start this project then

well it is now the school holidays and although the teachers have oppressed me with homework I may just have enough to start this epic project. I have noticed a few problems with the proposed layout I showed before... the way the building open up means that other boards would need to be moved around for acces to the interiors of them. but I shall overcome this soon when I actualy get around to it. perhaps this week shall be used for school work but then the next can be used...

Right I got a list of nations which need to be represented....
  1. Britain (my homeland)
  2. Spain ?
  3. USA 
  4. Soviet Union
  5. Franonia
  6. Rayonia (need it after I had the diplomats)
  7. Orotinia 
  8. Gran Bolivia
  9. Peterstan
  10. France
  11. Harad
  12. Germany
  13. Argentina
I hope that the number 13 does not mean bad luck for the embassies and legations (muhahahaha) anyway I must say that a few of the nations will be grouped together in one building. IF I HAVE MISSED OUT YOUR NATION PLEASE SAY SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there you go feel free to make recomendations


  1. USA needs it's own building. No other option! Looking forward to what you make of it, good luck the homework too, not fun...

    1. hehe that is what they all say. but I guess that the USA is one of the major powers in little Oronegro s oI expect that the USA will get that building. now I just need to do some planning and shopping. I am almost out of black paint, which I need for all those roads.