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Saturday, March 31, 2012

modern streets post6 board complete

YES YES YES!!!! it is done the board is done I am moving onto the next on now... I am finished with a large project and glad to see the end result. the final building a clothes store was done today. and with out further adoo here is the end result
ivy on a roof I do not recall a building having this before

that is because it is the last one to go into the board

upstairs an art gallery is being prepared with alot of cardboard and other construction materials strewn across the floor

what a messy pile of clothes, this store has no sence of presentation

the fashion of the people... yea right half of those clothes were camo

a pretty boaring place. but I am a male so I am naturaly boared by it

and a changing room, not very private though
there you go. so this part of the project comes to an end. the war has come and the city is engulfed in the fires of conflict... But there is more to do and more to build. stick around a little longer and see what comes next

Helo to  Bdon au my newest follower. I cannot find if you have a blog or not but that does not matter. Welcome

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the next board.. for the modern streets project

I know I am not finished yet :-( but I am almost (one building to fit out and decorate). so what next??? well I have plans BIG PLANS. plans me and a friend will bring into being.
Now my friend is not a hobbyist (I know a heretic but I shall convert him) but there is one thing that he really would like to help me with, apart from the spitfire model he got for Christmas (I am looking after/painting it). he would like a tower, for a sniper position, and there are 2 options.

1. a church tower
like this one I saw in Argentina... I think it is reallt cool look at the tiles on that dome
and 2 a clock tower
like this one perhaps
what will it be like? well He thought it would be a good idea to have a ladder. it should not be to wide and not too tall. 4-5 stories max!!! but I would like your opinion. The main problem is a church tower requires a church. sure it is a cool building but the other board will be smaller. But a clock tower is usualy linked to an important building... and the bar is in this board :-P

so what do you think is the best tower?

maybe my new followers will come up with the answer... Helo to Dan from Gunners wargaming blog and also a big helo to  TasminP  from wargaming girl . apparently a female wargamer is a mythical creature. perhaps her uniquness will mean she has some great and unique ideas.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

modern streets post5

Well this board is almost done... thankyou to all of you who have helped me along the way. now is the hour when we can think of success and put all our troubles behind us. One more building to go and it is but a small one. So now onwards men, now we go to victory and glory. I said before that I could tell civil war was going to start. Now it has and it is heading this way. "the boad is set, the pieces are moving" - Gandalf the white.

I can barley see a change from last week :-P

now you get the sence of a street war

the terrorists are scared. They do not want to be caught in the open

perhaps doctor Randall can help?

or sascha? 

well a doctor or a bar... the choice is obvious (sorry Randall)

the bar has some good firing positions upstairs
And an assassin is in one of the rooms... look, who is that on the hit list?

is that a scene from the napoleonic wars in the picture???

one terrorist covers the alley
another looks out the balcony. it was going to be a balconey but they could not find a builder to help them 

Now is there a reacuring theme in this bar?

I cannot possibley think what it is.

no. no idea. Oh look Glenmorangie and Jack Daniels

the terrorist flood in.

and set up positions

but the bar is a large area to cover
some head down into the secret tunnles that lead to the sewers

one guy protects the alchool supply

one heads up stairs
this is the assassins room (note the bed is missing from the other picture)

and here is just a small look at what is on offer here.
so there you have it hopfully next time I post something about the streets project this board will be done and the second, smaller one will be started. but until then...
Helo to Uncle Brian from A fist full of plastic he has some huge fists if he can hold all the plastic he has there.
and Helo to Galpy from 15mm paint shack not my scale of preference but cool

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

how about a discussion on what should go in the bar...

If you did not know already I am going to put a bar into the street project. But the bar needs to serve something. that is where you my followers come into it...

I knew I would use this poster some day :-P
TO say what your favourite type of drink is. I already have a few... For sascha's bar we have

  1. Glenmorangie-scotch (sascha's favourite)
  2. Quilmes- beer (argentine)
  3. ???
that is where you come in state your favourite drink and it is in... I wine list may also be good. I recently thought of a way to make wine bottles. so come on then name the drink. I don't drink so have no opinion on what is good or bad, I'll just put in what you want.

Helo to Ray (rousell68) from don't throw a one and rays music page. We may find out his favourite drink as well if he replies to this post

a rocket launching truck

ok just a small project that I will soon complete but before I do so I may need some tips ;-)

side view...can you spot the spade?

slightly more fanciful but a good perspective

plan view

rear elevation

main elevation

another side shot..can you see the fire extinguisher
ok there you go sorry about the lighting

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rockets from pens...

Ok well I thought things through and I found some suitible pens... one is the ink holding thing that can be altered to make a small missile. the other could form 2 potencial rockets one huge the other quite realistic.

well here are the pens. Well one and a bit of the other... I intend to cut the ink thing down to size. I hope it is empty

we have some guys fixing up the bathroom today. I am off sick so not a great day though

I open up the pen and look the smaller missile... I think it has the most potencial

look at it can you imagin it flying through the sky? I cannot but that is beacuse I am not going to throw it around my room
there you go... one of my crazier ideas. But can I pull it off?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

modern streets post4

OK one more building complete another almost complete now as I venture past the half way mark I feel quite satisfied about what I have done so far... But lets hear what you have to say about it. so here is what I have done so far....
so the two new boys on the street. the alley way is now quite forboading with those two great walls over shadowing it...

this tri of terrorists seem afraid even with che watching over them

so let us look in the garage... Who's truck is that I wonder

ah maybe I should not have asked... anyway the builing is not quite done yet as is evident from the globs of glue.

the "shop" next to the hotel is now a little doctors practice where the doctor plans more that his appointments.

maps on the wall. guess where and I'll name the garage after you. well a spanish version of your name if needed

blue prints, secret plans, city layouts, sever maps. Oh he must be looking for a way to fix brocken arms...

down stairs the waiting room little benches against the wall and a desk

and the gloomy alley way. Is that a blood stain?
there you go. I am over half way now. so I hope that soon I will be complete and we can see the army running through the steets ducking away from sniper fire and shooting through windows... I can smell the smoke grenades already :-D

and now helo to sebastosfig from somewhere but I do not know. great to meet you hope that you'll be interested in my ideas and I'd like to hear yours also.