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Saturday, March 24, 2012

modern streets post5

Well this board is almost done... thankyou to all of you who have helped me along the way. now is the hour when we can think of success and put all our troubles behind us. One more building to go and it is but a small one. So now onwards men, now we go to victory and glory. I said before that I could tell civil war was going to start. Now it has and it is heading this way. "the boad is set, the pieces are moving" - Gandalf the white.

I can barley see a change from last week :-P

now you get the sence of a street war

the terrorists are scared. They do not want to be caught in the open

perhaps doctor Randall can help?

or sascha? 

well a doctor or a bar... the choice is obvious (sorry Randall)

the bar has some good firing positions upstairs
And an assassin is in one of the rooms... look, who is that on the hit list?

is that a scene from the napoleonic wars in the picture???

one terrorist covers the alley
another looks out the balcony. it was going to be a balconey but they could not find a builder to help them 

Now is there a reacuring theme in this bar?

I cannot possibley think what it is.

no. no idea. Oh look Glenmorangie and Jack Daniels

the terrorist flood in.

and set up positions

but the bar is a large area to cover
some head down into the secret tunnles that lead to the sewers

one guy protects the alchool supply

one heads up stairs
this is the assassins room (note the bed is missing from the other picture)

and here is just a small look at what is on offer here.
so there you have it hopfully next time I post something about the streets project this board will be done and the second, smaller one will be started. but until then...
Helo to Uncle Brian from A fist full of plastic he has some huge fists if he can hold all the plastic he has there.
and Helo to Galpy from 15mm paint shack not my scale of preference but cool


  1. Very nice cityscape. I think the interior detailing of your buildings is fantastic! I love the use of the mugshots and other posters to provide that extra little bit of detail.

  2. thankyou for your comment and as this is my ideas blog. I shall discuss how I did those paintings and banners.

    First of all I went on google images (where else) and copied down a the images I wanted.

    second I went onto microsoft word and pasted them, naturaly many of them were way to big to be right for the scale. so I resized them.

    to resize the pictures on word I thought "how can I get them to be right and not do complicated math to find out"?...
    well I chose a range of of mesurments I could adjust the pictures too to get them the right size. these measurements were.
    on word you change the dimenstions of one axis X or Y and the other automaticaly changes. so I always chose the longest side and changed that. if it did not seem right I would adust the other so that it fitted one of the above measurments... so by trial and error and visual means I got the right sized images.

    then all I did was print them off and glue them in. I added some card backing to the paintings as well...

    also while on word if you want you can use that program to add a boarder or crop the image this can add some other features that enhance realism or make it more nice to look at.

    hope that was useful...