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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A message to all sculptors out there...

Hi now I may not be adressing any scultors with this post but never mind... you see I have had a brain wave. I have looked for some modern NBC troops and some more elite infantry, like those you get in some games but I cannot find any. so I thought why not use this blog this is an idea and I have an audiance who are into moddelling so perhaps a sculptor may see this and go..."that ain't a bad idea".

So without further adoo here is what I am looking for
Some of you may recognise this as the Juggernaut from Modern Warfare 3
OK this is also what I am looking for. Soldiers with gas maskes and armour. Look the juggernaut exists
some more. I like the illistrations
I don't know where this fella is from possibly a movie
and just to show you I am not obsessed with the end of the world
AND now a big greating to Paul from Paul's Bods so much stuff and it is all very good and awsome. so good I'll steal an image or two for the sculptors out there hahahaha
Yes paul this is your what if roman
but it is my what if colombian
And I am vain here is one of me so that I may be sculpted. I think that Alex is doing something like that on Benno's but I am not sure...
last years 3000m I came 3rd
right there you go... Sculptors or painters please comment


  1. I guess you have seen the NBC guy in the Orion Israeli set #2, but I will remind you anyway. Good idea to convince the sculptors of these little miracles of what you want.

  2. @Ben no I did not notic the guy. The thing is though he is one guy in a set. I would be more interested in a whole set of them. more posses and variation.

    I notice that elheim figures does some. But these are cold war russians not modern or 2020.

    I still think paul had a great idea there. I just need to copy it somehow