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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the next board.. for the modern streets project

I know I am not finished yet :-( but I am almost (one building to fit out and decorate). so what next??? well I have plans BIG PLANS. plans me and a friend will bring into being.
Now my friend is not a hobbyist (I know a heretic but I shall convert him) but there is one thing that he really would like to help me with, apart from the spitfire model he got for Christmas (I am looking after/painting it). he would like a tower, for a sniper position, and there are 2 options.

1. a church tower
like this one I saw in Argentina... I think it is reallt cool look at the tiles on that dome
and 2 a clock tower
like this one perhaps
what will it be like? well He thought it would be a good idea to have a ladder. it should not be to wide and not too tall. 4-5 stories max!!! but I would like your opinion. The main problem is a church tower requires a church. sure it is a cool building but the other board will be smaller. But a clock tower is usualy linked to an important building... and the bar is in this board :-P

so what do you think is the best tower?

maybe my new followers will come up with the answer... Helo to Dan from Gunners wargaming blog and also a big helo to  TasminP  from wargaming girl . apparently a female wargamer is a mythical creature. perhaps her uniquness will mean she has some great and unique ideas.


  1. Hi Gowan - uniqueness? Rarity would be more accurate - there are other female gamers out there.

    Not sure that any of my ideas will be unique - well, not for a long while maybe - I've only been back painting and gaming for 9 months, so I'm learning from other people.

    1. ok well, maybe your ideas will not be unique. I still need ideas though (and someone to tell me my ideas are just to crazy :-P). maybe you could still help in that respect. I am afraid when it comes to putting in things that women would like in these buildings... I fail badly. just look at the top of the corner shop. those beds were clearly only used by men the state of them is well...

      but anyway a new follower brings new ideas

  2. Replies
    1. thanks. I am always happy to have new followers no matter who they are or where they are from.

  3. a message to all of you the next board is smaller but longer. I have started work on it and I am waiting for the glue to dry on this board. then this board will be complete and I can post the pics here and on my other blog