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Saturday, March 3, 2012

modern streets post2

Right the second post of my project...
the ground floor of the hotel. A bit spartan but hey the owners can't afford to fix up their wall so what do you expect

a nice little painting on the wall. And a nice rug on the floor

the roof of the building next door

As you can see I have painted the concrete areas. this is their first coat so don't be unimpressed. I will not leave them like that

Back to the hotel. Here we have the first floor corridor

You have seen this room before. can you see what has changed?

Just a quick trip to the cafe to admire the artwork...the painting is crooked

And the finnal room of the hotel. The one with the hole in the wall. But what a nice painting and bed. I am sure that makes up for the hole in the wall right?
 Some shots with figs...
These are some S&S model germans... in the cafe.

more troops above the shop opposite the cafe

Just below the other troops. this time in the shop

in the streets

And the ground floor of the cafe
A nice little update for a not so little project...Please comment

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  1. Looks good Gowan. Good attention for the little details.