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Saturday, March 10, 2012

modern streets post3

OK so here we go post 3 not so much progress this week as most of my spare time was tacken up with painting figs but all that asside I am almost finished one side of the street then the other side needs doing a few touch ups here and there and on to the next project...more streets but there will be a church or a clock tower to provide a snipers dream position.

But before we start talking and coming up with ideas for the next project. (I intend to have you get your say in what I'll include in it) lets see what I've done this week
the shop next to the hotel is getting it's details put in

the second stroy is ready for decorating

and across from the shop on the other side of the alley is going to be a garage

here is a novel idea. I am using the corrigated resin card used for roofing as the garage door. I'll create a workshop behind. Perhaps this will be were Karri .C. Tuf stores her truck
already I am using the board for little games. soon It'll be done and the war can commence
so there you have it a little update for a little progress. I am still looking for the NBC troops and I'll still like my viewers to give hints and help there. But for now I need a rest. I am going to start my first orders from S&S models I need to use all my spare money for this so do not expect huge buys from me in the near future. yes I am still reliant on others hand outs.


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    1. you meaning the U.P Urainus rocket.... here is a little link to pauls maddness
      go there all will be explained... you shall have the advantage over rey... oh and I must say I would join your side if it was not for the fact I am the other side of the world