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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rockets from pens...

Ok well I thought things through and I found some suitible pens... one is the ink holding thing that can be altered to make a small missile. the other could form 2 potencial rockets one huge the other quite realistic.

well here are the pens. Well one and a bit of the other... I intend to cut the ink thing down to size. I hope it is empty

we have some guys fixing up the bathroom today. I am off sick so not a great day though

I open up the pen and look the smaller missile... I think it has the most potencial

look at it can you imagin it flying through the sky? I cannot but that is beacuse I am not going to throw it around my room
there you go... one of my crazier ideas. But can I pull it off?


  1. Go for it little buddy! It's a great idea, put some super glue/paper fins on it and i can see great things happening.

    1. done and done. one down 2 to go. I will wiat for the ink on those to run out though. But now the first one is put together I'll begin the paining process and then I'll put it up on the other blog as a finished article