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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plot lines, who is involved in Oronegro

Well a big thanks to archduke Piccolo who helped me out in the last post. I think he hit the nail on the head with his comments, so I have gone away and got down my current situation. then

who is involved~ peacekeepers, advisers and support troops.

Well I thought about wars recently and in the past where sides got equipment from foreign nations and after thought and research (not allot needed) I came up with the situation of the Spanish Civil war where foreign powers not only supplied weapons and advisers but quite often sent troops (not officially in some cases) to aid the side they supported.

In my case this is a list of nations who will be involved...

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. The Second Soviet Union
  5. France
  6. The United Communist states of eastern Europe (Warsaw pact nations)
  7. The United Communist states of Asia (china mostly)
  8. Commonwealth Nations
  9. The United forces of Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, etc)
  10. Spain
these nations will be involved in different ways. for instance there will be countries putting troops on the ground in large quantities and on the other hand some countries will only be providing military training. so I have come up with the idea of recording who does what...

at war with the soviets she is focusing most of here war effort else where and with allot of the spare troops kept home in case of the war descending into a nuclear hell hole they are not likely to enter forces into this war, yet...
they are providing the national forces with;
  • Weapons
  • training
  • advisers
  • older AFV's
  • older planes
  • intelligence
The United Kingdom
Though also at war in Europe and Asia. the UK is still able to field small armies in other places, she can also risk handing over a a few new weapons.
they are providing the national forces with;
  • Peace-Keeping forces
  • Newer tanks
  • older planes
  • training
  • intelligence
Germany is the front line in this second cold war gone hot, as such she is being stretched to the limit when it comes to armour and specialists but a few peace-keepers are sent overseas just to keep up the strength of other capitalist nations, to stop the full rise of communism.
they are providing the national forces with;
  • peace-keeping forces
  • advisers
  • training
The Second Soviet Union
powerful and strong the soviets are at war on many fronts. (as many post modern games show) they are able to sneak many arms into Oronegro and armies along with them.
They are providing the rebel forces with;
  • Advisers
  • weapons
  • Training
  • AFV's
  • Planes
  • missiles
  • troops
  • intelligence
at war in Germany and else where in Europe. France should be considering home land defence, but as French Guiana is near by and as such the Space centre there which sends up the spy satellites needs to be controlled and secure.
they are providing the national forces with;
  • Older AFV's
  • Older Planes
  • advisers
  • some foreign legionnaires
  • weapons
  • chemical weapons (bad cheese)
The United Communist states of Eastern Europe and The United Communist States of Asia
with Russia reverting to Communist and the recreation of the USSR many other former communist nations followed suit and soon the world war back in the cold war but this time a ground and air war erupted. this lead these new states to provide aid to any wanna be communist nations and so they are keen to help and gain allies.
they are providing the rebel forces with;
  • AFV's
  • planes
  • Troops (some of them, not China)
  • advisers
  • training
  • Chemical and Biological weapons
Commonwealth countries
with Britain at war her old colonies soon joined in and helped out, they are more involved on the main fronts in Asia and Europe but a few get through to Oronegro.
they are providing the national forces with;
  • training
  • Peace-Keeping forces
  • weapons
  • advisers
  • AFV's though only used in conjunction with the Peace keepers

The United Forces of Latin America.
Oronegro's neighbours are uneasy at what is going on in the nation, though many of them face similar problems none on the same scale and as such they are able to help their comrade.
they are providing the national forces with;
  • Peace Keeping forces
  • weapons
  • intelligence
the old colonial rulers are an odd bunch, quite happy to get their old colony back even if it means dealing with the red devil.
they are providing the national forces and/or the rebel forces with;
  • Troops
  • weapons
  • advisers
  • intelligence
  • training

Well I hope you enjoy this first step to a good story line, quite a nice mix there of people and ideas. talking about people and ideas, here is my new follower.
greetings to Steve from sound officers call not seen this blog before so I need to learn more

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AFV's who gives what??? soviets and the west are involved

Well I have been looking around for AFV's for a while now... I have had kind donations and looked at tip offs on good deals and I think I have found a good site... armory they were recomended by the manufacturer ACE models so I am hoping that the good deals that are shown on this site are genuine. so the big question is... when I have the money what do I get????

I do have plans... as this is the age of cold war2 (I thought it could make the game more interesting) the west and  the soviets will both be taking an interest in the nation of Oronegro. so I should think about old and new weaponary and armor being seen on the battlefield from those respective sides... Emmett (Winttrix) gave me the idea of having a british peace keeping froce to make my challenger II seem more at home in the game, which I like as an idea. but it might make the game to multinational but we'll see the alternative is it is a donation but I do not think that might work... but what else?

WELL here is what the soviet may be giving, and the kits I might use...

BMP-2 (from ACE models?)
looks cool but maybe to much to be giving?
T-90 main battle tank (ACE models as it is cheap?)
Advanced so maybe nor, a T-72 with reactive armour may do
BTR-152V (ICM kit)
good but maybe not advanced enough
BTR-60PB (ICM kit)
I saw some Kazak Elite police with one of these so my rebels would be right with one
There will also be a veriaty of other things mostly trucks but also a few hevier vehicles;

  • Ural trucks 
  • Zil trucks
  • BM-24-12 rocket launchers fire system
  • zsu/23/4a/a (S&S models)
THE WEST shall provide.... I shall not show pics as I cannot be certain of what manuacturer to use

  • M60's
  • styker APC's (mostlikely Tamyia models0
  • M113's 
  • M2 Bradleys
  • Humvies ???
  • Challenger II (or should they be part of a british peace keeping force)????
and others... still not quite sure but I would like to also add a bit of euro flavour south america is a mixture of US and euro.

I am not sure what I should get or even think of saving up for so I would like you to recomend which of the products or types of AFV stated abouve would be good. and add to the list if you like. please do not expect me to get anything soon and if I do get the donated M60's soon I shall do them first. the challenger II may be intergrated in one of two ways but I might get on and paint it soon or when I feel I have the experiance or courage to try it

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

looking ahead... yes I am mad

well now last post I talked about what I had done so far in  total now lets put it all into perspective. lets see what I planned to do all along and see all the possible games and scenarios and other things possible with just this system of ply boards and scraps. I also know many of you proberly wonder what I base my buildings off. what I saw in argentina. well now let me show you all.
right now onto what is to come. those 3 boards are what is next. 2 shall form part  of a rebel air and  millitary base (hense the jet)

now onto the inspiration part. this is slightly more random. this was my host families house, it was very unique in the town

this building is quite similar to what I want to make as you can see all the white  in my boards is well placed, all I need is some grey

street arrows for one-way roads I am adding them now actualy

this place is rather grand. the embassy of franonia 

this place is rather pretty the embassy of rayonia, no where near the other embassy of coarse

another look, so loverly, I must put more ivy into my boards

the main bank. rather grand so not really what I want

the oldest pub in town (san antonio de areaco) maybe better for the industrial sector

now I am just showing off. oow cobble stones they might be useful

ignore the stray dogs and the cyclist if you please. look at the buildings mine are similar in colour  which is what I have been trying to tell all of you wha ask "when will you be painting the buildings?".

ignore the face!!! look at the building ivy and tiles a good home for a black market dealer

so what all the project may turn out like. a winding battle of street fighting and carnage

this board goes between the rebel base and the streets, it will have some industrial buildings and some crudy ones. thanks to archduce Piccolo for the idea!!!

these are the rebel base boards they represent the edge of a base. they will have a bunker entrance and some hangars. I do have more ply which will be added later so this arangement is by no means final
well I hope you enjoyed this look at what is to come. as I said thanks to archduke piccolo for the idea of an industrial area. that is exactly what I want to happen on this blog!!! so just send me tips and ideas and if they are good; NO FLYING HIPPO BOMBERS PLEASE!! I'll include them in this project.

oh I just won on trade me a mig flogger B so now I will have another jet to put in those hangars :-D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

well the modern streets project so far...and a story line :-D

well I though it was time to call a survey of what had been done so far and also to finalise some things like the story line... o yes I have done that;
the year is 2020 (or around that date) while the rest of the world fights in the great war between the USA, her allies and russia and her allies (the second soviet union). south america is almost forgoten about. In Oronegro however the people have become restless, years of oppression have forced them into poverty and now they have rebelled alone with the general gran pajero (do not translate that please, I know what it means) these rebels plan to set up a communist government and so recieve alot of help from the 2nd soviet union while the government of Oronegro are being supported by the west.

So some facts

  • the country is called Oronegro (black gold)
  • the capital is La Ley (the law)
  • the rebel general is called gran pajero (grand w**ker)
  • the peoples leader in La Ley is called Bean Castrae Ted (been castrated?)
  • the black market dealer is Karri .C. Tuf
and now for some pics...
now you can see how the boards fit together.

the transition isn't perfect due to cardboard moving while it was glued in place. also some of the ply warped so  that did not help

starting to look real good, more details added all the time to both boards

the main road. the transition is clear due to warping and slipping but it is fine

look at is all I have been busy

what next??? a church for sure but then.. you tell me!
there you go a positive after yeasterdays negatives

Saturday, April 14, 2012

progress is slow due to fathers cracked heel

I am sorry to report that my current progress is slow. this is because of many reasons but the main one is my work load has increased. the reason for this is that my father has cracked his heel, he did this while jumping off a rock at orua bay onto what appeared to be sand. I had jumped before and though it did seem a little hard nothing out of the ordinary, unfortunately something was. It must have been only a thin layer of sand over rock because when my father jumped down... OUCH! so now he is in a moon boot for the next 5 weeks and has to use crutches to get around. so I am now doing allot more than I normally do, just to help out.

clearly this has meant I must reconsider what I can and cannot do. so first up what I cannot do, then change of plans then rethought projects

  • I have abandoned the paper tank project until further notice. This may have happened anyway as the print outs were meant for a 1/35 scale tank not a 1/72 meaning that allot of the bits and bobs are hard to cut out and glue together, I may do an airplane I found free at paper tiger armaments as that is meant to be 1/72
  • work on the 2nd board is also posponed until my friend and I can plan for the church. though I may do some painting and detailing on the first buildings in the mean time.
  • I am going to be working far slower on figs for time and quality reasons, allot of comments about my terrorists made me realise that I must go back to putting love not speed into my painting. so I am going to finish my airfix figs and my WWI Russians (the secret figs) then move onto my S&S models and revel Germans and then finally my NATO ground crew and Russian paratroopers (which just arrived).
  • my challenger II tank will be postponed until I can get my hands on more spray-on primer as my current one has run (practically) out and I only have a small bottle for figs. I may also wait until I can get some spray paint.
  • the M113 is almost done sorry for not showing the progress here perhaps later on.
  • I have thought about the bunker and the airfield and have thought about combining the 2 projects together to form a grand military complex for the rebels. I have also dug up an old die-cast eurofighter typhoon it is damaged and in need of repainting to fit in (missing some missles but that is fine). I also have a harrier and a tornado both in need of fixing up, the tornado especialy. these can for the basis of the rebel and/or national airforce.
so there you go not what I would like to tell you, that would be we won lotto and I have millions of dollars to spend on my projects. but never mind. tomorrow my parents are going away together for a couple of nights. I am staying here by myself, I do have watchful neighbours so there will be no parties. but work may get done though I am trying to force myself to get my graphics work done.

so now onto some good news :-D my new follower.

greetings 1939 though I assume that is not your name, from 1939 ,pola chwaly and code-name wargaming I am going to follow these blogs myself, they look interesting.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

modern streets post7 and news

Well let us start off with the news, I am not finished with the other board :-P I just found101 more things (small ones) that I can add. I am a real perfectionist, drains mostly but I can do much more if I get the urge to.

now onto the update, this time board2 so don't just leave the page going "ow dear gowans at it again". This update is cool.
this dissordered caos is the dinning room table/ my workshop (not what my parents think)
over here you can see my figs I am painting and my paints, if any of you were wondering what I use

ok board to from above. 2 buildings going in so far but the rest is in planning

I guess the highlight is the patched up ruin. they put up a small thin (plywood?) wall to cover up a rubble heap made by an explosion

from another angle just to help give some perspective

looking at the wall and my first painted aifix guy

looking behind the buildins we find an alley fomed due to collapsed houses. there is also a little bus  stop with a soldier protecting it

well there you have it, yes I know the mess but it is not normaly that bad. more work to do but the outer shell of the buildins is in place.

helo to Archduke Piccolo from;

  1. Vive L'Empereur!
  2. archdukepiccolo
  3. emperor Vs elector
always nice to have another follower.

Monday, April 9, 2012

no tanks for me! or mabe there is... take a look

well I was doomed from the start, the other bidder cam back and saw my Little bid :-( they then put in a slightly higher bid and turned the auto bid on so no matter how much I put in they were one step ahead. I could have kept on going until I passed the amount they had set not to go over but that would detract from the fact I was getting it as a good deal... maybe I'll go to the guy in pukekohe he does not stock allot or what I need but I can order through him and maybe get bits-and pieces I need.

so what next...
how about this idea... I had it a while ago but completely messed it up first time round. make one out of paper! I am glad to have found this blog most of the stuff is in other scales but thanks to math and a calculator I have converted this black-eagle-tank-13/5
Russian and modern, a failed project for their army a armament of my rebels
looking good, all I need is some card a printer and glue (and patience)
it may be 1/35 but I can change all that, there is other stuff there too a real wonder blog if you ask me. all this stuff free and you can make it over and over. I love you guy's blogs but this one makes me get armies quick and cheap all I need is more time, so my next little project that will be going on with my streets one is...

building a tank out of paper and my challenger 2 tank to see whick is better.

hope to see you all again soon oh and any tips on where to get good deals on AFV's would be much appreciated. 

I am not giving up without a fight.

tomorrow I'll announce whether or not I won the bidding war, my plan is to place a bid in the last five minetes. I'll do this to give the other person a chance and also not to look like a dick by placing a bid so soon to the end not to give them any chance, I hope to make them realize vigilence is the key.

my next bid will be $37 still not a bad deal for 4 tanks
  lets us see if I win or not, if I don't I'll just go looking for good deals else where.

Friday, April 6, 2012

what I bought and bidding wars

Right now I am going to answer the question on everyones lips, What esci sets did I get???

yes it is an old one, cheap as well what a deal
love the berets, the hat is stupid though, perhaps a lucky follower mat get some
not the most inspiring poses but dedent ones
grr 2 more stupid hats but that does not matter
and I also got
ooh another old one. remember it only cost $8.95 ea and $5.20 postange
well more NBC guys is good
I already got some airfix ground crew so many of these guys are going to visit mr converter
they all seem to be posing for a photo
these guys seem to be doing something
well there you go I got those. and I may be seeing that money this fortnight. so I thought I would bid for...
but someone else bid before me so the race is one can I get the money owed to me in time? will those people bid again, find out soon

there you go. wish me luck and if it was one of you who bid, please stop and if you were buying it for me, please tell me first next time. Well there you go, one those sets get here I'll think about those russians with those annoting hats

Thursday, April 5, 2012

easter holidays, terrorists, ballet and shopping

well maybe a more abstract title but a rather good one for my current situation. I am painting overtime to get my set of Caesar urban resistors (terrorists) done before monday. I still have 15 to do. not alot you might say well, I work slow. so why the ballet??? well my mother used to do professional ballet (I cannot dance for crap). now she teaches at the Draper Academy of dance, in Pukekohe the town next door to us. anyway this morning I chipped in with moving stuff. I of coarse did my usual thing of looking for building materials, I am the best recycler in waiuku (possibly). the plywood was not going to the skip so although it was perfect for boards it was not for me :-(. but I did get some sheets of strong thick card. perfect for some walls and some plaster board. ok the plaster board is not light and not very good for models. but for thick concrete walls like at an airfield, or a bunker. so I have some more stuff for my projects.
though I am not sure my dad is to happy about it. (unimaginative). well happy easter to all you out there who celebrate it and/or comemerate it. as for me I will be sleeping :-D

now I need some consumer advise... I can get (if I get what is owed to me) one of the following...
  • Ariete - brand new 
  • Type 90 - some parts off sprue but complete 
  • Type 61 - largely built 
  • M113 - parts off sprue but complete 
  • Note: Challenger is not included (already sold)
all that for $30

this for $10???

NOW 4 more things I could get...
$17 not so appropriate for my modern south americans but they are all wearing european clothing unlike the militia
$17 even less apropriate for my south americans but a bit of converting might go the trick for some rebel NBC troops

Now we all need to keep in mind that this is for sale on trademe (NZ's version of ebay) so I might have to bid for stuff. except the last 4 they are "buy nows". I have never really asked for advise on what to get, but I do need it I would never stop otherwize. maybe you should just say. NO GOWAN!!!! and make me think about saving....

anyway please comment, and soon or else those things will be bought by someone else, or I will and not think about why I am getting it :-)