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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

modern streets post7 and news

Well let us start off with the news, I am not finished with the other board :-P I just found101 more things (small ones) that I can add. I am a real perfectionist, drains mostly but I can do much more if I get the urge to.

now onto the update, this time board2 so don't just leave the page going "ow dear gowans at it again". This update is cool.
this dissordered caos is the dinning room table/ my workshop (not what my parents think)
over here you can see my figs I am painting and my paints, if any of you were wondering what I use

ok board to from above. 2 buildings going in so far but the rest is in planning

I guess the highlight is the patched up ruin. they put up a small thin (plywood?) wall to cover up a rubble heap made by an explosion

from another angle just to help give some perspective

looking at the wall and my first painted aifix guy

looking behind the buildins we find an alley fomed due to collapsed houses. there is also a little bus  stop with a soldier protecting it

well there you have it, yes I know the mess but it is not normaly that bad. more work to do but the outer shell of the buildins is in place.

helo to Archduke Piccolo from;

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  1. Always interested to see what other people are doing. Looking at urban settings you are creating remainds me a lot of what my half-brother David used to do. He would build factory complexes out of card or maybe plastic -even unto the I-beam rafters. Plenty of plastic kits, and if he couldn't find the plastic kit, then he'd make the vehicle out of cardboard. I've done some of that myself (most of my Russian artillery is cardboard and other oddments), but not to David's scale of things.

    Thing is, though: he would never paint anything so far as I know. Bit of a soloist as well. At any rate, he seemed to give up on it all for some reason about 15 or 20 years ago. Pity: he had talents rare among most wargamers...

    1. that is really cool :-D thanks for telling me about that, I was just thinking should I just make some trucks and stuff outa card?

      now I think I shall.thanks for following and nice blog(s) I was really interested in the airfix bridge things especialy as today I got an m113 kit (Airfix)

  2. Nice post! Thanks for sharing.