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Sunday, April 15, 2012

well the modern streets project so far...and a story line :-D

well I though it was time to call a survey of what had been done so far and also to finalise some things like the story line... o yes I have done that;
the year is 2020 (or around that date) while the rest of the world fights in the great war between the USA, her allies and russia and her allies (the second soviet union). south america is almost forgoten about. In Oronegro however the people have become restless, years of oppression have forced them into poverty and now they have rebelled alone with the general gran pajero (do not translate that please, I know what it means) these rebels plan to set up a communist government and so recieve alot of help from the 2nd soviet union while the government of Oronegro are being supported by the west.

So some facts

  • the country is called Oronegro (black gold)
  • the capital is La Ley (the law)
  • the rebel general is called gran pajero (grand w**ker)
  • the peoples leader in La Ley is called Bean Castrae Ted (been castrated?)
  • the black market dealer is Karri .C. Tuf
and now for some pics...
now you can see how the boards fit together.

the transition isn't perfect due to cardboard moving while it was glued in place. also some of the ply warped so  that did not help

starting to look real good, more details added all the time to both boards

the main road. the transition is clear due to warping and slipping but it is fine

look at is all I have been busy

what next??? a church for sure but then.. you tell me!
there you go a positive after yeasterdays negatives


  1. I'm liking the look of this a lot, hows your Dad!

    1. thanks. my father is ok, infact him and mum are on a get away down to raglan. I have been left to guard the house. He is in a moon boot for the next 5 weeks and is likely to miss the first week of term but he can always use the free child labour of the students at school to carry his stuff :-D

      one of the advantages of teaching I guess. have a nice time fran at salute

  2. What next? Church, naturally - but maybe also storage sheds and silos small manufactories, and maybe a shanty/slum area of jerry-built housing. Check out 'A Fist fill of Plastic' blogspot archive for something similar.

    This project reminds me of my occasional project - still in the future - of the 'Latin wars' (working title) set in Latin America in the mid-late 1940s. Inspired by an article many years ago in 'Model Soldier', it pits Dictatorship of Orotina against the Pan-Andean People's Republic and the Gran Bolivarian Constitutional Democracy. The equipment is World War Two surplus, flogged globally on the Black Market.

    So I am intrigued by similar projects, such as yours and Uncle Brian's Harad Civil War...

    1. yes thanks for the tip. You may not know that I did intend to build an air base come millitary instilation as well. those will go on a seperate board. yeasterday I found out a few large staples cut in half and reshaped make a pretty cool looking hand ladder. so those industrial areas would fit in well. oh and I was mainly asking about what to go next to the church...

      @Fran. How about the Franonian Embassy ;-D

      @Archduke Piccolo I love your idea the black market shall play a role in my games to

  3. I translated it... General Big Jerk!

    I'm looking forward to more progress and also what you do for the Group Build.


    1. emmett it does not translate as that... it really translates as big wanker