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Saturday, April 14, 2012

progress is slow due to fathers cracked heel

I am sorry to report that my current progress is slow. this is because of many reasons but the main one is my work load has increased. the reason for this is that my father has cracked his heel, he did this while jumping off a rock at orua bay onto what appeared to be sand. I had jumped before and though it did seem a little hard nothing out of the ordinary, unfortunately something was. It must have been only a thin layer of sand over rock because when my father jumped down... OUCH! so now he is in a moon boot for the next 5 weeks and has to use crutches to get around. so I am now doing allot more than I normally do, just to help out.

clearly this has meant I must reconsider what I can and cannot do. so first up what I cannot do, then change of plans then rethought projects

  • I have abandoned the paper tank project until further notice. This may have happened anyway as the print outs were meant for a 1/35 scale tank not a 1/72 meaning that allot of the bits and bobs are hard to cut out and glue together, I may do an airplane I found free at paper tiger armaments as that is meant to be 1/72
  • work on the 2nd board is also posponed until my friend and I can plan for the church. though I may do some painting and detailing on the first buildings in the mean time.
  • I am going to be working far slower on figs for time and quality reasons, allot of comments about my terrorists made me realise that I must go back to putting love not speed into my painting. so I am going to finish my airfix figs and my WWI Russians (the secret figs) then move onto my S&S models and revel Germans and then finally my NATO ground crew and Russian paratroopers (which just arrived).
  • my challenger II tank will be postponed until I can get my hands on more spray-on primer as my current one has run (practically) out and I only have a small bottle for figs. I may also wait until I can get some spray paint.
  • the M113 is almost done sorry for not showing the progress here perhaps later on.
  • I have thought about the bunker and the airfield and have thought about combining the 2 projects together to form a grand military complex for the rebels. I have also dug up an old die-cast eurofighter typhoon it is damaged and in need of repainting to fit in (missing some missles but that is fine). I also have a harrier and a tornado both in need of fixing up, the tornado especialy. these can for the basis of the rebel and/or national airforce.
so there you go not what I would like to tell you, that would be we won lotto and I have millions of dollars to spend on my projects. but never mind. tomorrow my parents are going away together for a couple of nights. I am staying here by myself, I do have watchful neighbours so there will be no parties. but work may get done though I am trying to force myself to get my graphics work done.

so now onto some good news :-D my new follower.

greetings 1939 though I assume that is not your name, from 1939 ,pola chwaly and code-name wargaming I am going to follow these blogs myself, they look interesting.

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  1. Very realistic looking shots...especially the ground level ones...nice work