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Thursday, April 5, 2012

easter holidays, terrorists, ballet and shopping

well maybe a more abstract title but a rather good one for my current situation. I am painting overtime to get my set of Caesar urban resistors (terrorists) done before monday. I still have 15 to do. not alot you might say well, I work slow. so why the ballet??? well my mother used to do professional ballet (I cannot dance for crap). now she teaches at the Draper Academy of dance, in Pukekohe the town next door to us. anyway this morning I chipped in with moving stuff. I of coarse did my usual thing of looking for building materials, I am the best recycler in waiuku (possibly). the plywood was not going to the skip so although it was perfect for boards it was not for me :-(. but I did get some sheets of strong thick card. perfect for some walls and some plaster board. ok the plaster board is not light and not very good for models. but for thick concrete walls like at an airfield, or a bunker. so I have some more stuff for my projects.
though I am not sure my dad is to happy about it. (unimaginative). well happy easter to all you out there who celebrate it and/or comemerate it. as for me I will be sleeping :-D

now I need some consumer advise... I can get (if I get what is owed to me) one of the following...
  • Ariete - brand new 
  • Type 90 - some parts off sprue but complete 
  • Type 61 - largely built 
  • M113 - parts off sprue but complete 
  • Note: Challenger is not included (already sold)
all that for $30

this for $10???

NOW 4 more things I could get...
$17 not so appropriate for my modern south americans but they are all wearing european clothing unlike the militia
$17 even less apropriate for my south americans but a bit of converting might go the trick for some rebel NBC troops

Now we all need to keep in mind that this is for sale on trademe (NZ's version of ebay) so I might have to bid for stuff. except the last 4 they are "buy nows". I have never really asked for advise on what to get, but I do need it I would never stop otherwize. maybe you should just say. NO GOWAN!!!! and make me think about saving....

anyway please comment, and soon or else those things will be bought by someone else, or I will and not think about why I am getting it :-)


  1. Well I have decided not to buy the sets above. instead I got some old esci sets that were only $8.95 each, very good deal so I cannot get the sets above but I am getting a much better deal

  2. Well...too late now. But, I would have gotten the m-113, it would go well with just about any military from the '60s through the future. Good deal on the ESCI sets though, I always have trouble getting paint to stick to them but maybe you will have better luck.

    1. well, if the deal stays and I get the money, I'll ask for it as it is mine, I'll proberly get them anyway. they are also a good deal for NZ if a set can cost $20 then 4 for $30 is brilliant

  3. I agree with Ben, the M-113 would be the pick for me too, for exactly the same reasons. The other tanks would be useful too - the Italians have offered a number of their tanks on the world market over the years, so the Ariete is bound to be available for sale in the timeframe your game is set, and there is nothing to say that in the future the Japanese won't start exporting military equipment to friendly states. As you say, NZ$30 for four kits is a good deal. What Esci sets did you get? Hopefully some of the out of production moderns? They would be perfect for your project.