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Monday, April 9, 2012

no tanks for me! or mabe there is... take a look

well I was doomed from the start, the other bidder cam back and saw my Little bid :-( they then put in a slightly higher bid and turned the auto bid on so no matter how much I put in they were one step ahead. I could have kept on going until I passed the amount they had set not to go over but that would detract from the fact I was getting it as a good deal... maybe I'll go to the guy in pukekohe he does not stock allot or what I need but I can order through him and maybe get bits-and pieces I need.

so what next...
how about this idea... I had it a while ago but completely messed it up first time round. make one out of paper! I am glad to have found this blog most of the stuff is in other scales but thanks to math and a calculator I have converted this black-eagle-tank-13/5
Russian and modern, a failed project for their army a armament of my rebels
looking good, all I need is some card a printer and glue (and patience)
it may be 1/35 but I can change all that, there is other stuff there too a real wonder blog if you ask me. all this stuff free and you can make it over and over. I love you guy's blogs but this one makes me get armies quick and cheap all I need is more time, so my next little project that will be going on with my streets one is...

building a tank out of paper and my challenger 2 tank to see whick is better.

hope to see you all again soon oh and any tips on where to get good deals on AFV's would be much appreciated. 


  1. It depends on whether or not you want to buy online from dealers outside NZ. E-Bay can have some good deals, as can Bartertown. Getting in touch with a local wargaming or modelling club can be helpful as well, as they often have bring and buys. Did you read the comment I left for you on my blog? Or are you after more detailed advice? I am assuming that you are largely after 'modern' 1/72 scale equipment - but are you wanting diecasts, premade kits, or unassembled kits - or all three types? Trade-me can also have good deals, but a lot of overpriced junk, or folk trying to resell a foreign import for big bucks (for example, I saw today someone trying to sell a US$10 1/72 scale diecast set for NZ$65), plus misleading descriptions of items being 'mint' or 'excellent' condition when close examination of the photo shows parts missing, broken, or very bad home paint jobs. Such is the joy of auction sites!

    1. I looked at your blog, very handy. I do not really mind what type I get when it comes to kits or diecasts. moslty I do not mind ordering from abroad, many overseas sites offer stuff at a better price. Ebay looks like a good idea and also Barter town is similar to Benno's forum's market place so I may just continue to use that.

      it would be nice to know of a few good dealers in NZ I learnt about Steves models today up in auckland so I might visit them and compare prices. also saw a good seller on ebay free shipping and reasonable prices for figs $13.00 US for some sets

  2. young_stan on Trademe is an excellent source of 1/72 scale figures. Toyworld is good at stocking, and ordering in, the Airfix range. Steve's models has a website for online sales and their prices are typical for NZ retail, the Italeri kits are the same price as the Dragon offerings and the figure sets are around NZ$20. The Airfix stuff is not bad and is cheaper than other retailers (though not by much). The cheapest source for diecasts I have found has been subscribing to the Combat Tank Collection, as I get two average 1/72 scale kits delivered to the door for less than NZ$20, of late it has been heavily biased towards WW2 German AFVs and other vehicles, rather than actual tanks. Frank is able to use the buy now on E-Bay to get 1/72 Easy Model diecasts landed in NZ for around the NZ$20 mark. Don't give up on Trade Me though, it just takes time to land the bargains.

    1. great for the info, the tank collection looks interesting but I assume I am going to have missed alot of the good stuff. the Airfix stuff sounds good so I'll proberly go to the closest toy world sooner or later.

      what do you think of the paper model??? p.s not made it yet the model is off the website

    2. Frank and I have experimented with making paper M113s from:

      They turned out ok, but the most difficult thing was making road wheels that looked halfway decent. Depending on how much time you are willing in invest in making them up, they can be a nice low cost alternative. While the Papertiger models come printed with details, these can be easily painted over, and extra details added from the bits box. I will be very interested to see how your tank turns out! It looks like quite a nice 'kit' and it seems to look quite good it the pictures you have.

    3. really interesting. I just got some card now I need to figure out how to get the printer to print it, I know it works but it will be a complex process.

      p.s thanks for the website