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Saturday, September 29, 2012

the wish list. so long it rivals the longest santa list

 To start with, this list is not certain and I am willing to trade figs for figs!
well I think I did this before but here is a new list. I have decided to split it into several parts for ease of use (for me and you). this list is not too long and I should be able to get at least a few of these for Christmas or birthday (January). its annoying that they are close together, I will of coarse limit expenditure of models on this birthday as for the big 18 I want to do some airsoft, if you can make it here I invite all of you, if it goes ahead. I made this list so that I can refer to it in future and so and of you who may have one of these sets lying around and no longer want it or think that you would like some ancients of medievals can trade me for them. any way onto the list
all images are from PSR or the respective companies website.  and one from Dougie's wargaming blog.

must buys! these are the sets that I am determined, 100%, to get hold of. for this reason there are only 2.
the revell set of US infantry,  for Oronegrean standard troops
and the North Korean KPA for Rebel Militia

Hopeful but not sure! These sets have made me think about getting them on multiple occasions but so far no order has been made.
the second Caesar partisan set! for me good source armed civilians
Orion's Russians, good for the soviet unions troops in Oronegro
a companion to the Russian set, these guys will form either rebel gangs or more soviets
and just when you thought I was not going to be looking for more soviets....

The wishful but at a stretch! Now these might be purchased only id and when the sets above are not bought or in the highly unlikely event that I get some large sum of money (lotto)... of coarse these might be on the list of sets for the 19th birthday. But on the whole most of these are just temporary ideas that has stuck a little longer than most and I might not actually get them in the end, well just wait and see ;-)
militia, for the jungle or the city streets
Militia, lots of Sturmgewehr's which will pass off as AK-47's or another type of Kalashnikov
engineers, I know WW2 Germans, but they are correct for Oronegro's army
motorcycles, which with ample modification  they can form some rather modern looking bikes

METAL & Resin STUFF!!! This lot is set aside due to the material it is made from, these are perhaps more likely to be bought than those above, but still not certain purchases.

Elhiem miniatures: The following figures will be used along with the Revell set to complete the Oronegrean century I have built up :-) which will mean that apart from maybe turning it into a type B battalion later on (see Oronegro blog for info) that will complete my standard Oronegrean forces :-)
well these are from Elhiem miniatures, their armour means they are good for some MP's I only need one but the others will be good for other roles
more of the same, some of these guys will be useful for filling in the roles of medic, I still need 3 to complete the century

I need a five man bomb squad for the century, 4 men + one from the above set and that's done.
this pic is from Dougie's wargaming blog, these are the Elhiem civilian relations team, I just need one of the above infantry to accompany
with a bit of mix and match with current figs these and some others will form the engineers

I hope to get the engineers company out of this lot maybe some back packs and equipment will make the scene
and the backpacks to make the engineers look like ones... might get 2 sets so 8 of them have them
Of coarse Elhiem might also be used to add to the baddies in Oronegro.

they have a nice range of soviets as well as many other figures

S&S models: for those vehicles that you find nowhere else and a few other bits and bobs.
 these guys is a must somewhere along the line. they are the backbone of the rebel army, well them and converted figs
this image is big because the vehicle here is one of my favourites :-) the ZU-23-4, Shilka, I love it because it is so rugged!!! My favourite tank is the Leopard 2 A6 if you are wondering, why do you think I got Germans :-)
That concludes the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I must say that this is by no means all that I will buy in future and I am also not saying I will get all of it, I have very limited amounts of money, time and I have more important things like school and qualifications and university to worry about... there are some things like MJ figures News Crew and maybe Zombies and some other things like Little Green men's colonial marines that have been left off due to me not being sure whether to go down that road yet, news crew would be for some game. I have also looked at much more and am still keen on developing the UN involvement in Oronegro. and as always other things like vehicles and aircraft are also on the agenda but do not appear much due to me not having a large can of spray on primer, which I think I need for doing them... if you have one of the sets I am more than willing to trade, my purchasing power is small and as you know for this year I will not be buying more, except for Christmas or if the deal is excellent!

HELLO TOO: Peter. Bonami from Peter's cave great models and I know that he has been looking into some moderns recently :-) welcome to the wonderful and complicated world of modern camouflage.
greetings to Erhan Atalay from mini afv great with Kits from many era's I have seen the ZU-23-4 recently appear on his site.

OH and its the holidays :-D

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hmm one more set should do it! Oronegro infantry

well I am not saying that one more set and I am done with them totally no no no I mean to get a century! 100 soldiers + some command and back up... currently I have 88, 60 standard soldiers 8 Command and support and 20 specialists This set should do it...
48 + 88 maybe be 136 altogether however that is not the end of the story... in this set I get 13 LMG's and 6 Rocket launcher troops, 3 potential NCO's and 25 normal guys
well lets try and get 100 troops I have this plan for the Oronegrean century so far...
a team = 5 soldiers (5)
a squad = 4 teams (20)
a unit = 2 squads (40) + 10 specialists; LMG's, stingers, Dragon etc. (50 total)
a century = 2 units (100)

this is what with this set I will have
136 total
85 standard troops (only need 80)
18 LMG's (4 M60 + 14 Saw)
2 dragon
3 stinger
3 Javelin
9 one shot rocket launchers
5 snipers
4 MP's
2 medics
4 NCO's

how to reduce the numbers; take the 9 one shot guys and make them become normal soldiers after using the rocket launcher... I now have 27 to deal with, make the NCO's, medics, MP's, Snipers and Centurion not count towards the century... now I have 11 to deal with, 5 normal soldiers should become spotters for the snipers so I have only got only 6 soldiers to deal with, 5 LMG's (SAWs?) can be used as a body guard for the NCO's and the centurion so just on man to deal with and one Saw should become the Optio, a roman term for the second in command of the century :-) all neat and tidy, perhaps in future I can add some bomb squad troops, civilian relation teams and perhaps a could more medics to make a grand total of 150 soldiers 100 under the command of the centurion and 50 either acting in a command role or as support!

Friday, September 14, 2012

whoops wrong set

admittedly it appears that I am also to blame, I appear to have got the Republic of Korea Imex set instead of the KPA, well I am not too fussed these guys will make some good new rebel forces. Also it appears that the modern set has a part missing a shield for the riot police :-(
the KPA is the biggest concern as I wanted to get them because they all wore the caps however in the RoK troop set most of them have M1 helmets which though OK for a militia force is not in keeping with Oronegro because...
the Oronegrean stockpiles would have had British style of 1940's style German helmets, as is shown by the native units it was the third Reich not America that influenced the uniform of the Army of Oronegro from 1946-1967 before Oronegro started to change its uniform to the field caps that are worn by many of the rebel forces from the boarders and rural towns. However there is room for the US equipment as it is likely that after 1967 that the M1 helmet was introduced in small quantities with the German Stahlhelm remaining the standard helmet up until the 1980's when it was replaced by the newer US Pagsat helmet and later the Fritz...
just a small bit of history for you there, but I shall not complain and I will continue to look out for the KPA set perhaps a Christmas prezzie :-) have a nice day guys

Sunday, September 9, 2012

more goodies - no more till Christmas

well I have ended my recent spending spree with a trip to the annual? town rotary book sale, fair, thing. so I roved the tables full of thousands upon thousands of books and then made a bee-line to the History/war section and there in front of me, the first things I saw, were some books anyone with an interest in the cold war would jump for, I didn't though I did grab them quick :-) then I decided to buy my sister (who came with me) 2 books on dog breeds because she loves dogs and she chose a book for my mum! Then I went off to the Sci-fi section to see if they had for some strange reason some books in Isak Asimov foundation series, I have foundation and prelude to foundation, I looked for a while and almost gave up but then! there they were foundation and empire, second foundation and foundation and earth, I decided not to get foundation and earth because I only had $2 left. So how much did all this cost? I hear you ask.... $10 that's right just 10 New Zealand dollars, not bad for... 4 cold war comics (both in terms of subject and age) + 2 dog related items (one BIG magazine? or book from 1998 and a little book) + 2 smallish Sci-fi novels + one Book for mum. I will not show you all the books, just the cold war comics.
they are very similar to the Soviet war power book I can get out from school

they are old - for books 1976 they were published! at the time they cost $3.15 for all except the weapons and Uniforms book which cost $2.35 I got them for $1 each :-D take that inflation

the soviet war power book at school is from 1980 so these are slightly older

this one might be of use then it comes to doing more in depth structuring for my Oronegrean forces

this is a very useful book, its funny to see the prototype Apache though and the Hind A-B instead of the Hind F (totally different cockpits).
well there you go. these are just another useful source of information and if any of you cold war gamers are interested I can give you some facts from these books. OK spending over now to save as much as possible for the future, well until Christmas and birthday and then I can stock up on some more stuff if necessary.

Friday, September 7, 2012

dream figure

now I have only ever done one post like this before so this is the second. I play an online game called Red Crusible2 its mostly free but recently I splashed out to make my character look cool. but now I have decided that not only was my decision was not my best way to spend my money but also that y character was so good I must turn it into a model! so here is James.ep3 he is not the greatest player on Red Crucible 2 but he looks cool and as such I am now determined to create a 20mm figure to do him justice! now I am not a good sculptor, far from it. however I wish to perhaps convert some figs to make him, or perhaps there is a sculptor out there willing to sculpt him- he would make a pretty good Russian (apart from the gun), or mercenary.

a backpack for good measure!

yes the gun is wrong a L1A1 sniper which is not Russian so not in keeping with the figure but hey if he was a mercenary it is OK
and he has a gas mask for protection

now remember my Spetnaz well I chose this uniform for the character because it reminded me of them

well there you go. his role in Oronegro will either be an elite Russian soldier or as a top operative for the National forces, a mercenary, who is known for his tactical know how and his great ability for planning! so if there are any sculptors out there willing to give this a go! or some on who can tell me some ways to create this guy I would be very happy to hear them. and some general comments on his look would also be good! thanks guys so many posts in one day it must be a record for me today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

hauling in the rebels, civillians and special guys

well that once in a while inheritance cheque, much delayed, finally came in last week. after thinking hard about what to do I decided that I would stop annoying people by asking if they could pass on models to me and decided to use the money to fist do some things on my favourite on line game, and then I went to eBay to find some good deals, after ruling out the USA's mega hobby for huge shipping costs I settled on Always model in Taiwan I think.I was amazed that their shipping was so good and although the figs were a bit more I saved $30 NZ! so what did I get???

lets start off with the rebels, I have long desired to get this set and this money gave me the chance to purchase it... the IMEX North Korean KPA!!!! old but incredible this now hard to find in NZ set was well worth the $12 US for 50+ figures I was very happy!

those of you who know about this period will note the non-historical AK-47 like rifle! a bad inclusion for the Korean war a good one for Oronegro

Now onto those civilians, this time a Caesar set from WW2 so some of the weapons will be old and the cloths out of date. However they have a distinctly European look which I need to balance out the Arab look of the current civilians/ armed gangs

I would have preferred to get the newer set with the nun and the figures that have rudimentary uniform but they were not available on the Always model site :-( anyway these figure will make an interesting addition to the rebels civilian wing

and finally we come to the special guys, another Caesar set that I think will be used in the end for both forces in this war and also for some of the outside nations. it is of coarse the Caesar special forces set! the only really modern set that's coming in this haul.
these guys will be very useful to me... perhaps even I can find a use for the one in the old style British helmet as so far as I have thought right now he seems a little odd. the swimming diver will be the most annoying of them all to give a use outside of representing the walking diver when in the water... so it is really annoying that the ratio is not 1:1 but 4:1... however that does not detract from a very good set.

All pics are of coarse from that modelers god-send the most useful site that I have found, for plastic models, when it comes to purchases. all in all this cost me around $55 NZ which seems quite a bit but is a good deal when compared to other places. and I still have some money left over which is even better.
Hello to Chris from just another wargames blog no seriously that is what it is called :-)
have a nice day guys, now I can be safe in the knowledge that I will not have a completed list of things to paint! That is a cardinal sin for us war gamers

Sunday, September 2, 2012

embassies part2!!!! finnaly

yes well I found some batteries and I have got these pics. this is another board to add to the world of Oronegro. that's 3 down 3 bigger ones to go so not half way there but perhaps a third of the way. so here we go and I hope the model companies I represent here approve of it if not I am in trouble.... so lets get on with the presentation.
this is the addition not big but it adds quite a bit

still waiting from a response but here is the S&S models store, I could not find their logo so this is what I put up

the upstairs, it has a little workshop and some boxes with little models inside, are they tanks, trucks or figures?

downstairs and the store itself

there is the majority of the boxes, not looted??? this place clearly has good security

Elhiem models, producers of top quality figures.

Byzantium models producers of 20mm buildings

inside the store is a large selection of boxes, there is a large model building in the corner which is a product of Byzantium on display

some of these boxes are actually used as a sort of pick and mix as Elhiem models usually sell individual or small groups of figs, so each box contains a different type of fig, so either US marines from Afghanistan or some zombies, or perhaps aliens.

a shot of the rooms from above also a good shot of the wargaming club above the Elhiem/Byzantium store

the final building is a little workshop for a model maker/sculptor

downstairs and his workshop... I wonder what he is making

this is the upstairs bedroom of the workshop, with bed, chest of draws and a box

this is the roof of the Elhiem/Byzantium store, its tilled and has some Ivy growing on it

and last but not least the alleyway

that is a grim looking place

oh and some scaffolding

its removable, so I can put it anywhere
there you go hope you enjoy the update!