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Friday, September 14, 2012

whoops wrong set

admittedly it appears that I am also to blame, I appear to have got the Republic of Korea Imex set instead of the KPA, well I am not too fussed these guys will make some good new rebel forces. Also it appears that the modern set has a part missing a shield for the riot police :-(
the KPA is the biggest concern as I wanted to get them because they all wore the caps however in the RoK troop set most of them have M1 helmets which though OK for a militia force is not in keeping with Oronegro because...
the Oronegrean stockpiles would have had British style of 1940's style German helmets, as is shown by the native units it was the third Reich not America that influenced the uniform of the Army of Oronegro from 1946-1967 before Oronegro started to change its uniform to the field caps that are worn by many of the rebel forces from the boarders and rural towns. However there is room for the US equipment as it is likely that after 1967 that the M1 helmet was introduced in small quantities with the German Stahlhelm remaining the standard helmet up until the 1980's when it was replaced by the newer US Pagsat helmet and later the Fritz...
just a small bit of history for you there, but I shall not complain and I will continue to look out for the KPA set perhaps a Christmas prezzie :-) have a nice day guys

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  1. That's the thing about Imagi-Nations armies: they can be just as adaptable as real armies. It is also reminiscent of the Old School days, in which just about any soldier was pressed into service and no one thought the worse of them.