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Friday, September 7, 2012

dream figure

now I have only ever done one post like this before so this is the second. I play an online game called Red Crusible2 its mostly free but recently I splashed out to make my character look cool. but now I have decided that not only was my decision was not my best way to spend my money but also that y character was so good I must turn it into a model! so here is James.ep3 he is not the greatest player on Red Crucible 2 but he looks cool and as such I am now determined to create a 20mm figure to do him justice! now I am not a good sculptor, far from it. however I wish to perhaps convert some figs to make him, or perhaps there is a sculptor out there willing to sculpt him- he would make a pretty good Russian (apart from the gun), or mercenary.

a backpack for good measure!

yes the gun is wrong a L1A1 sniper which is not Russian so not in keeping with the figure but hey if he was a mercenary it is OK
and he has a gas mask for protection

now remember my Spetnaz well I chose this uniform for the character because it reminded me of them

well there you go. his role in Oronegro will either be an elite Russian soldier or as a top operative for the National forces, a mercenary, who is known for his tactical know how and his great ability for planning! so if there are any sculptors out there willing to give this a go! or some on who can tell me some ways to create this guy I would be very happy to hear them. and some general comments on his look would also be good! thanks guys so many posts in one day it must be a record for me today.

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