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Saturday, September 29, 2012

the wish list. so long it rivals the longest santa list

 To start with, this list is not certain and I am willing to trade figs for figs!
well I think I did this before but here is a new list. I have decided to split it into several parts for ease of use (for me and you). this list is not too long and I should be able to get at least a few of these for Christmas or birthday (January). its annoying that they are close together, I will of coarse limit expenditure of models on this birthday as for the big 18 I want to do some airsoft, if you can make it here I invite all of you, if it goes ahead. I made this list so that I can refer to it in future and so and of you who may have one of these sets lying around and no longer want it or think that you would like some ancients of medievals can trade me for them. any way onto the list
all images are from PSR or the respective companies website.  and one from Dougie's wargaming blog.

must buys! these are the sets that I am determined, 100%, to get hold of. for this reason there are only 2.
the revell set of US infantry,  for Oronegrean standard troops
and the North Korean KPA for Rebel Militia

Hopeful but not sure! These sets have made me think about getting them on multiple occasions but so far no order has been made.
the second Caesar partisan set! for me good source armed civilians
Orion's Russians, good for the soviet unions troops in Oronegro
a companion to the Russian set, these guys will form either rebel gangs or more soviets
and just when you thought I was not going to be looking for more soviets....

The wishful but at a stretch! Now these might be purchased only id and when the sets above are not bought or in the highly unlikely event that I get some large sum of money (lotto)... of coarse these might be on the list of sets for the 19th birthday. But on the whole most of these are just temporary ideas that has stuck a little longer than most and I might not actually get them in the end, well just wait and see ;-)
militia, for the jungle or the city streets
Militia, lots of Sturmgewehr's which will pass off as AK-47's or another type of Kalashnikov
engineers, I know WW2 Germans, but they are correct for Oronegro's army
motorcycles, which with ample modification  they can form some rather modern looking bikes

METAL & Resin STUFF!!! This lot is set aside due to the material it is made from, these are perhaps more likely to be bought than those above, but still not certain purchases.

Elhiem miniatures: The following figures will be used along with the Revell set to complete the Oronegrean century I have built up :-) which will mean that apart from maybe turning it into a type B battalion later on (see Oronegro blog for info) that will complete my standard Oronegrean forces :-)
well these are from Elhiem miniatures, their armour means they are good for some MP's I only need one but the others will be good for other roles
more of the same, some of these guys will be useful for filling in the roles of medic, I still need 3 to complete the century

I need a five man bomb squad for the century, 4 men + one from the above set and that's done.
this pic is from Dougie's wargaming blog, these are the Elhiem civilian relations team, I just need one of the above infantry to accompany
with a bit of mix and match with current figs these and some others will form the engineers

I hope to get the engineers company out of this lot maybe some back packs and equipment will make the scene
and the backpacks to make the engineers look like ones... might get 2 sets so 8 of them have them
Of coarse Elhiem might also be used to add to the baddies in Oronegro.

they have a nice range of soviets as well as many other figures

S&S models: for those vehicles that you find nowhere else and a few other bits and bobs.
 these guys is a must somewhere along the line. they are the backbone of the rebel army, well them and converted figs
this image is big because the vehicle here is one of my favourites :-) the ZU-23-4, Shilka, I love it because it is so rugged!!! My favourite tank is the Leopard 2 A6 if you are wondering, why do you think I got Germans :-)
That concludes the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I must say that this is by no means all that I will buy in future and I am also not saying I will get all of it, I have very limited amounts of money, time and I have more important things like school and qualifications and university to worry about... there are some things like MJ figures News Crew and maybe Zombies and some other things like Little Green men's colonial marines that have been left off due to me not being sure whether to go down that road yet, news crew would be for some game. I have also looked at much more and am still keen on developing the UN involvement in Oronegro. and as always other things like vehicles and aircraft are also on the agenda but do not appear much due to me not having a large can of spray on primer, which I think I need for doing them... if you have one of the sets I am more than willing to trade, my purchasing power is small and as you know for this year I will not be buying more, except for Christmas or if the deal is excellent!

HELLO TOO: Peter. Bonami from Peter's cave great models and I know that he has been looking into some moderns recently :-) welcome to the wonderful and complicated world of modern camouflage.
greetings to Erhan Atalay from mini afv great with Kits from many era's I have seen the ZU-23-4 recently appear on his site.

OH and its the holidays :-D


  1. Very nice choices! I would love to see your take on the Russian Feds.

    As for the airsoft element of your birthday, may I suggest the fine Crossman pump shotgun. I assure you its deadly in my cousin's hands! Once he tried to lock himself in the shed, as he reached out to close the door I pinged his wrist from about 15 feet lol.

  2. I hope you get the ones you want the most Gowan. Eighteen is an important birthday. My daughter was born in January like you and she will be 21 next year!