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Monday, November 5, 2012

ah study leave and some wonderul news

well I have reached that time in the year where all of us senior students go home and prepare for our upcoming NCEA exams my first one is next week gulp. but what this also means is that I have time between study to do some painting and model building. in fact I am just finished with some Spanish :-) I use an online sight called Language perfect, its a great way to study. my current score on it is 14689 points, which makes me first in school, 86th in the country and 166th in the world. next up some physics, well I am about to walk the dog. but this is only slightly good news as these exams are not for passing NCEA lvl 2 but rather for getting endorsed with excellence, the highest rating for NCEA I am currently sitting (I think) on getting NCEA lvl 2 with merit the next level down. but enough of exams thinking about them will only stress me out.... more?

Next year is Year 13 my final year of college and because year 13 students are the most senior in the school each year the a selection of year 13 students take up the role of prefect. Of coarse this is a democracy so earlier this year all us year 12 students and the teaches voted for a selection of students, this year only a few of us guys volunteered so voting for male prefects was easy, the girls seemed to all want to be prefect. However during the last couple of weeks the prefect team was announced, the students who will take a lead role in the school and.... I was selected! :-D

so what do prefects do, well we are roll models to the younger students, we organise events and if needed we act to make sure the rules are followed. So what will I do, well I am as you may have noticed from my profile some what mentally and a bit physically handicapped so I intend to help others who may be suffering from what I do. this in fact is actually quite important to me, especially because I know that the problems I have are unavoidable and to some extent incurable (not the best word). On the brighter side this does mean that whenever I do manage to get something right or done well I can take pride in that I have worked through more challenges to do so than some of my peers. Well there is my more sensible ideas for what I shall do but also I am sure that you my followers will be happy to know I may (most likely not) try and get a wargaming club set up or other hobby related events, lets replace photography with painting miniatures :-P (well this country doe shave WETA workshop and have you seen the miniatures they build!!!!! its a serious profession)

oh and some other good news welcome to my new followers
Anne O'Leary from Anne's Attic its a great site and Anne's work is very nice, especially her use of natural materials in dio's
Greetings also to from welcome to the blog

Well lets hope that these exams go well then eh... and to all my fellow bloggers who may also be gearing up to exams (that includes teachers) I wish you the best of luck


  1. Congratulations on being selected as prefect Gowan and your goals are admirable ones. Helping others is one of the most noble things we can do.

    And congratulations on your score!!

  2. Congratulations Gowan! You sound like a great student, especially in your Spanish studies. Good luck on the tests and all.

  3. well the spanish is much easier to learn once you are immerced for a while. those 2 weeks in Argentina caused so much good. helped me with my spanish and launched Oronegro

    1. oh and thanks Anne I am glad that I might be able to help some people rather than having to see others to get help

  4. All the best for your NCEA exams. dude! And have a ball in your 13th year, eh?

  5. Congrats on being voted in as a prefect - just don't let the power go to your head! :)