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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My mind is in need of help

Well Oronegro has been my project for almost a year now and I LOVE IT!!! the only problem is that in entering this dark new phase I am unable to pin down which infantry to use as basic Oronegrean troops... For moderns it was easy USA all the way their equipment is common through out the world. However for the 18th century I am about as sure as what to choose as I was sure who were going to be Oronegro's neighbours!

What I mean is I need your help badly. I chose Archduke Piccolo's imgi-nations to be Oronegro's neighbours as they offered an interesting set of neighbours and because unlike real nations I don't have to worry about distinct climates and certain other geographic rules also it allows one to say that perhaps its on a parallel earth accessed through say a portal... Bermuda triangle could be one perhaps... put your nation on the other side of a portal and it could be bordering several real nations and yet not appear on maps or satellite photos.
However what to do for infantry or for that matter the entire force of Oronegro. The sets I have looked at so far have been good, interesting and IMHO special in that they wear helmets and yes perhaps I will still get them! However helmeted troops are more likely to be some elite unit, not the norm as I need for a basic force. I have a few options here, as what to pick but what it comes down to is which force will allow me to create an Oronegrean century???

Here are my options:
  • Peninsular war Brits > the HaT set is made from a medium consistency plastic allowing easy conversion of Shako into tricorn. Also with the release of the infantry command set I should have a a nice command structure for a century.
  • French > lots out there and the uniforms show similarities to the Wurttenburg infantry also there is lots of French support sets like baggage carts which will add to the realism and possible scenarios.
  • Nassau infantry> also similarities to the Wurttenburg infantry however they have sabres which makes them stand out and I am not overly keen on the limited supply of other troops types.
There are the 3 options I could of coarse get the Brits, convert shako's get a set with the drummer... what they really need along with guys with flags and repaint them in a new uniform. This would mean that they seem right especially with the marines in the Naval crew set which I will get for certain. I am so confused I just need help.

However if you were able to sell me or trade me some figs with those helmets or perhaps would like any figs I do not like when I bought a set arrangements could be made. until the groundwork for the Oronegrean army is set any ones ideas will not only be welcome but important!!!


  1. I wish I could be of help, but sadly I know nothing. There are a great lot of gamers out here who have the expertise and I hope they pop 'round and give you a hand.

    1. its alright. I hope they pop round too. if not I will make up my own mad sceme which will look probable really wierd and messy, not great for this era sadly.

  2. You might want to think about how Oronegro came into being. Was it a colony of some European power that achieved its independence only after a lengthy war of independence, or by some other more peaceful means? When did this happen? What about the neighbouring countries? That may decide you what sort of figures you deem the most appropriate.

    I have given no particular thought to the history of Orotina, Gran Bolivaria and the rest before the 20th century, imagining them, if anything, as the remnants of the break-up of some larger power several decades before. So that whole region on your northern border could be a bit of a blank slate for you. It would do no violence at all to the back history project as I see it!

    I mentioned the possibility of a large power that broke up, say at the end of the 19th Century, or the beginning of the 20th. That might give you a long history of Oronegro's struggle for an independent existence; a war of independence from a Colonial power; then resistance to the attempted encroachments of the Pan-Andean Imperium (say) that lasted with varying fortunes (possibly including being taken over for periods of time, but also periods in which revolts have successfully thrown off the Imperial yoke).

    Actually, I can see a kind of Latin American Civil WAr type scenario - a bit like the Bolivian War of the late 1860s. I had in mind the secession from the United States of Anaconda (USA) by the Confederated States of Amazonia (CSA)...

    Man this sort of thing is fun!

    1. aah I think I need to post a link to my oronegro blog here for you all to see! I have dealt with the colonisation of oronegro already. I have covered the period from the late 15th to early 17th centuries... and yes it is all very fun... if my parents and I ever manage to do that trip down to where you are in the south I'll be sure to bring some figs :-D