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Monday, November 26, 2012

All you need to know about Oronegro

Archduke Piccolo has been kind enough to give me lots of information on the armies I has thinking of using for Oronegro and also tips and ideas for how Oronegro could have come into being.
However I have had the stories for a while (a few days) and now I am going to present a brief outline for you... But for all the facts go HERE (colonisation and expansion part1) and HERE (colonisation and expansion part2)! These posts on the Special Oronegro blog will be followed by a few more. However here is a basic outline of the story for everyone else.

  • First Colonials arrive in 1492, made up of all Spain's unwanted. heretics, Jews, Muslims, atheists, disillusioned catholic priests and christian soldiers who fought for the wrong side.
  • 1500 after another wave of Colonials British, french and Italian communities join the colony. La Ley already established now is joined by La Esperanza as the colonial cities.
  • 1555 The Land of Oronegro is born... due to the currency being Coco beans instead of gold. the Spanish King is only head of state as the other colonial peoples, mainly British and Italian are too strong for him to exert total control.
  • 1570's to 1600 The wars with the powerful Kaxad Empire shake the colony to its knees the surprise attacks leave the cities besieged and the great farming plains covered in Kaxad troops. however due to some festivals the Kaxad withdraws most of its troops allowing the Oronegreans to fight back... the second large attack comes in the 1590's however Oronegro is more prepared and fights back with an army that now is well equipped for hand to hand combat as well as conventional musket fighting. Kaxad empire retreats and breaks down in 1603... still a powerful force it is no longer coherent enough to launch large campaigns
  • 1625 The grand Pirate raid on La Ley sees bloody fighting and enormous damage. it is repulsed at the Star Fort and in the river but at heavy loss only when a fleet from La Esperanza enters the river do the Pirates give in.
And there you have it. I hope even the brief context will help you understand Oronegro. The time my miniatures are set in is based round the 1740's to 1780's and the wars where Oronegrean troops marched up the jungle valleys and across some of the unexplored planes... there is also a brief Civil war between the Chocolate kings and the State. All very exiting and not to mention a few Pirates thrown in for Good measure :-D still working on the story as you can see quite a way to go yet.

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