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Thursday, August 30, 2012

plans for the end

I have decided to add a little side story here just for you all. This is a little tale of the coming into being of the BUNKER!!!

it was the early 20th century and chemical and biological weaponry was being developers by all the major powers, Oronegro became the base for all allied mass production of these weapons, the empires did not want to have the people worrying about possible releases of deadly gas clouds!
To meet this new demand Oronegro went ahead with a plan to build a new factory, deep under the streets of La Ley. Construction started in 1921, and weapons were shipped off to Russia where they never saw combat usage, the Whites received the shells and other weaponry but was now in such a state that wherever they put the weapons, the reds were quick to take them.
By 1938 the Bunker factory was being expanded to prepare for the predicted demand caused by a war that was to come, still at this point the British and their allies were the main clients and supporters of the program. Yet it was the second world war that saw the biggest change, the factory made chemical weapons, meant to be used for a possible invasion of Britain, the invasion never happened and once again the factory was making weapons that saw no purpose! during 1944 the lead scientist left the factory, they were tired of what they saw of working for no reason. However there were some scientists that wanted to work! Nazi scientists from the crumbling third Reich came in their hundreds to Oronegro hearing that their expertise was still wanted!
These new scientists were to bring a new life to the project and by 1950 the factory was dubbed the bunker by the head of Oronegro's intelligence agency. the new scientists however did come with some extra baggage, Mossad agents were found in Oronegro, a major problem considering that Oronegro was supposed to be unknown to any nation except the current and former superpowers! of coarse none of the scientists were ever caught, though it was clear the larger powers were angry over Oronegro's willingness to accept criminals.
during the cold war it was these scientists who experimented in the most deadly of deceases and most potent of poisons, the scientists even experimented on humans, though they refused to ever experiment on anyone who was German or of German decent. 3561 people disappeared during the cold war. none were Innocent all were criminals, who while in solitary-confinement, were visited by some men in suits, the prison then experienced a blackout and when the power was back, the people were gone and so was the inmate!
though it was never announced what went on, it was clear that there was development of biological super weapons as well as work on gene manipulation. it will be noted that some of the top Nazi scientists were still alive during the Grand soviet reunion, it has been speculated that they developed a system to get cells to regenerate giving the subject their youthful appearance and also extending their life by at least 10-20 years. these same scientists were not seen outside the bunker after the reunion, perhaps because of their new projects or perhaps because they knew what was coming.
2025 saw the heaviest fighting in La Ley, the bunker was cut off, no-one knew what was happening, but it was clear that the Bunker was now under the control of a pro-rebel leadership. On Jule 15th the NBC teams of the National forces went through the sewers encountering unexpected Resistance from rebels, mostly armed thugs. When they reached the bunkers sewer entrance they found it guarded by some elite troops, they turned back and returned to the surface only to find that the gangs had mortared the building they had come from killing many of their comrades.
The next team to go underground scouted out the tunnels, they noted down a glowing green sludge coming out of some culverts around the bunker. But perhaps their most startling find was that the sewer rats around the sludge affected areas were cannibalistic and were unconcerned when stepped on!
A third team was deployed on the 4th of July discovered humans infected by what was later dubbed the ZOMBIE GENE!!!! it was contracted by coming in contact with the sludge and also when bitten. the gangs that had fired upon the first group now tried to eat the third. they were wiped out and the guards of the bunker were unaffected by the plague.
the Zombie gene was just the start of the horrors unleashed by those mad scientists from their bunker!!! Robots with heavy firepower, strange and monstrous beings and worst of all the troops it deployed, workers? rebels? or just creations? armed with advanced weaponry they almost broke resistance in the embassy district, it was only after deploying the black angels that they were stopped.
on September the 18th 2026 the bunker was attacked by an elite force of national soldiers, it took 18 weeks to subdue all the resistance in the bunker but some of the leading scientists were gone. as were the test tubes and containers that held the key to the plagues unleashed by the mad men in their stronghold.
the bunker was not destroyed but remade and turned into a hospital for those affected by the zombie gene the cure had been discovered right after the first zombies were encountered. the Government had got its top agents in before, they had got the key to the gene out of the bunker with some difficulty. the gene was got out by Agent 700 and the antidote found by the leading scientist the Oronegrean government had to offer! however the cure was not mass produced until the larger hoards had already been wiped out by soldiers who were fed up with the, do not shoot our ill and needy policy that was imposed by the government. Never again would the bunker be used to produce such weapons as those unleaded on the innocent people who lived around it.

But the scientists escaped and it was not until later on that their location and deeds was known by the government and their forces!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Map tutorial.

I am pretty sure I may have posted this else where but this time it has pictures!!! I am now going to show you how to produce your own maps, I'll do this by creating La Isla del fuego! the island of fire that is just off the coast of Oronegro.

1. first up go to google maps
just take a look around for a place to be the setting!
2. Find a place to be the base of the map, Then turn on the terrain setting! Use the snipping tool that comes with Windows 7 to grab the desired image.
this island is just north of the philipeans for those of you who might want to use it ;-)
3. now lets get edditing. load the image into microsoft paint or a similar program, then we can edit it.
it might be a good idea to resize the image to get a better map, or a larger one.
4. now add some towns, I've not put a lot of thought into this because it is just an example
well not all we need is some labels, and possbily a scale!
5. add a key. a scale would be useful but as this is not key to a map of a fantasy land it need not be made!
add the final touches to your map and your done!!!!
Hope that helps you all! I might use this island in part of the Oronegro story but feel free to use it for your own Latin wars game if you want.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the dance of the jaguar chapter 1

the following chapter is much like the prologue I did before, with an immersion into the political and social world that Oronegro now found herself in. I hope that with the start of Chapter 2 to follow the story of a great hero of Oronegro... but more on that later on to chapter 1!

CHAPTER 1: the Jaguar at rest.
Oronegro was the greatest oil producer of its day in the 1990’s though most of this oil was sent away under the guise of Arabian oil, due to the political situation. By 2020 however Oronegro had become a powerful nation divided in half through the most powerful political force the world knows; people power. She had the wealth but international sanctions prevented her investments to be seen the USA said that so long as Oronegro continued to play games with the Russians and Iranians as well as the west she would not get to be seen by the world. So many of the leading politicians were quite willing to leave the west and put the lives of Oronegro’s people into the hands of the other major political forces that the world contained. These were the national socialists and the far right parties who saw the west as hindering their growth. Oddly the communist party was against this move as they felt that Oronegro could be self-sufficient and that if the oil wealth was spent wisely Oronegro could become such a powerful place that the west would have to reveal their existence. They were backed by the united foreign parties made up of Brits and Spaniards who wanted Oronegro to become their powerful ally! The USA remained neutral, though she wanted Oronegro to be strong a communist government was totally against their philosophy and as such hostile.
This time in the early days of 2020 when the riots and armed groups were only causing minor problems and were easily quelled with the promise of better housing and free education, is called the time when the Jaguar was at rest.  The foreign powers were getting worried however by the great build up in the former Soviet Union, of tanks, soldiers and jets; this lead to a build-up in their own armed forces, which had been cut down due to inflation and the increased cost of oil. So now Oronegro was under pressure the USA asked that the next government have its main interests in the pumping of oil. This proved true as when the government was imposed on January 31st 2020 it said that it was going to pump more oil and invest in the arms now being sold by the USA. So Britain and Spain along with the majority of the opposition parties created the unofficial government. They tried to get the USA to see that Oronegro was too big now to use as a puppet as it had been used before (with the consequence it went and made deals with the Soviet Union) but the USA could do little her hands were tied, the greatest nation on earth was in danger from what appeared to be the reforming of its most powerful foe.
So it was that the pro-business ran the day-to-day business of the country while the unofficial government prepared for the worst. It then became known that on the 25th of May 2020 that the army under the command of General Juan Carlos Avante Cortez was missing, they had not reported from their position deep within the mountainous jungle in the north for a year, not uncommon as the big thunderstorms were always taking out communications and they were rarely replaced for months.  This time however things were different, the communications were being re-established by crews, who upon reaching the camp, found it in ruins! The situation went out of control, spy satellites were used to try and find the missing troops it’s not every day that 500 soldiers, tanks and equipment go missing, but they still were not found. It was clear however that they had gone from their small out post near El Granproyecto and must have gone towards the hills near El Gato however their exact location was not known! On the surface the tracks left by the moving tanks suddenly was lost near an area known as the Tribal heartland, by the sources of the river Juan. They were not to be heard of again for a long time.
But in general life went on as usual, the bull fights, which saw a man try and avoid the bull as many times as he could before jumping out of the arena carried on. In fact this was a great metaphor for these times. The Bull of the angry people would not be killed by the man but rather crazed up and exhausted! The spectators, the larger foreign nations loved the spectacle of a brave or foolish man try and get a bull to charge at him by waving his flag, in Oronegro this was the cuts in social welfare and public transport. So the games continued the bull fighter tired and a new one a new government came in, but even so this bull seemed to get stronger as time went on and though the games were pleasing the crowd was getting shocked by the unstoppable beast in the ring! How long could this dangerous game continue? When would the government not be able to dodge the horns of the people?
It was then that the situation unravelled! The riots began in earnest on the 24th of August 2020 demanding better working conditions and an end to the pay cuts made by the government, The US foreign secretary flew to Oronegro to talk about possible solutions. The USA had been watching closely some within the military suggested that perhaps the US should look elsewhere for arms and oil but it was too late. The Russian federation had been making talks with her neighbours Georgia had been annexed and the Polish government was suddenly pro- Russian despite an election bringing in a nationalist government. But things back in Oronegro were about to get deadly!
“We have got reports of a large riot at the Fabrica del armas in El Soldado, there are claims that the workers are armed with the very weapons they just made and are using them against police who are suffering heavy losses!” the TV screens of the nation were fixed on the news “we can hear explosions going off in the back ground, there is chaos in the streets, I can see police officers being dragged to the ambulances”
“Tanks”! Comes a cry from behind the presenter
Silence! The signal is cut; the riot of the 9th of September lasts for 18 hours before military fighter jets bomb the factory to the ground! 157 people die, thousands are wounded and 86 workers are sent to prison, 321 manage to evade arrest and also go missing in the hills around the city!
The Jaguar of Oronegro is no longer asleep!

more to come! as soon as I can think of what to do, I'll enter the story after the situation with the Russians so probably the height of the rebellion.

oh and hi to my new follower!!!  Bluewillow from so many places that I'll just let you go to his profile

Monday, August 20, 2012

the maps of Oronegro!

Well I have now got 3 maps, thats right 3. One for the whole of Oronegro which is almost done. one of the Eastern costal side and one of La Ley! All of these I hope will give this small nation some realism that is needs. So what am I waiting for? come on take a look!
the east of Oronegro is the most populated area. I wish to do some changes to the Key! instead of forts it should be; military bases and training grounds

La Ley the grand Capital, now for you to see in it's full glory! This map took less time than Expected. perhaps you can say where you want your houses

And the whole nation itself. note the Nations beside it! Orotinia, Gran Bolivia and the Pan Andean peoples republic, these nations are those made by the great Archduce Picolo (ion I think?) I hope ion that you approve of their placing.
A few things yet to do but on the whole this nation is now mapped out! the southern end of the Oronegrean vally was made up with a colage of different hills, as in real life the area that forms this part of Oronegro is sea. anyway hope you like it. A few more places would be good and a key here and there but on the whole these are done!

hello to my latest follower Sander from Mon cher Alava, Marmont est perdu! , Modus Reg Magni Momenti and Mulvandania. nice for you to join the group!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I found them! they were in their little plastic bag which had ended up with the others I use when I take the dog for a walk! my mum (that is the correct way to spell it :-P) did say that only when I looked again at a place I thought I had looked would I find them and she is right. just a few bumps and scraps but appart from that no damage! well tonight I will celebrate and put them is a safe place.

P.S sorry no pictures of me as I have just got them back


well, not your normal post but, I regret to inform you all that a large group of painted spetnaz figs have mysteriously dissapeared!!! I am still looking but it am right now very angry. I have very few leads and the dog is a strong suspect but he has never done anything like this before, well to painted figs, so I do not suspect him much. this message is really focusd towards and of my local friends who think they can help me. I know a few of you look at this blog.

But any help would be nice and I hope that my next post will include a big photo of me with my figs!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


oh yes I have started the Russians. after the great soviet reunion these guys were trained in the thousands (thousands more than usual) the following are wearing the Urban/night Camouflage of the Oronegrean unit. this camouflage has also turned into their standard dress as the jungle uniform is tattered beyond belief. These men are well trained and well equipped with new AK-740's produced in rebel owned factors in Oronegro. these guns are so good that even the M-16 is not more advanced (about equal actually). their skills are only matched by those of the wests most elite units, and of coarse the Angeles Negros are far superior. they are the Rebels most dangerous ally and one of it's most elusive. any self respecting general in the national army would call for air-support as soon as these guys entered the fight, if he got the chance.

just a note, I am getting low on primer and so their bases have not been primed and the usual black paint needed a substitute of PVA to get it to stay on, and more PVA to protect it!
the shadow hides the most dangerous rebels I have painted yet!

these are the ones I have done so far, the others are nowhere near this stage

as you can see I have returned to my usual trick of adding beards and eyebrows

this guy is perhaps the most dangerous threat to my harrier, BTW the euro fighter is on the way

an RPG hopefully it will be accurate as it is rebel made, Oronegro's got a great reputation for it's weapon manufacturing

two average soldiers, I thing that these guys are cool, it's just a shame Esci did not make more combat poses
there you guys go. I hope that more will be complete soon and I can present the whole unit. and I hope that you all like the camouflage!