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Sunday, August 5, 2012


oh yes I have started the Russians. after the great soviet reunion these guys were trained in the thousands (thousands more than usual) the following are wearing the Urban/night Camouflage of the Oronegrean unit. this camouflage has also turned into their standard dress as the jungle uniform is tattered beyond belief. These men are well trained and well equipped with new AK-740's produced in rebel owned factors in Oronegro. these guns are so good that even the M-16 is not more advanced (about equal actually). their skills are only matched by those of the wests most elite units, and of coarse the Angeles Negros are far superior. they are the Rebels most dangerous ally and one of it's most elusive. any self respecting general in the national army would call for air-support as soon as these guys entered the fight, if he got the chance.

just a note, I am getting low on primer and so their bases have not been primed and the usual black paint needed a substitute of PVA to get it to stay on, and more PVA to protect it!
the shadow hides the most dangerous rebels I have painted yet!

these are the ones I have done so far, the others are nowhere near this stage

as you can see I have returned to my usual trick of adding beards and eyebrows

this guy is perhaps the most dangerous threat to my harrier, BTW the euro fighter is on the way

an RPG hopefully it will be accurate as it is rebel made, Oronegro's got a great reputation for it's weapon manufacturing

two average soldiers, I thing that these guys are cool, it's just a shame Esci did not make more combat poses
there you guys go. I hope that more will be complete soon and I can present the whole unit. and I hope that you all like the camouflage!


  1. Very nice Gowan, these are some very well painted figures. The camo and the detail on the weapons look great!

  2. That will be a fine-looking bunch of hard-asses on the table-top, Gowan.

  3. Ah, good ole ESCI! :-D Love your beards and eyebrows! Gives character to the figures! Thumbs up!