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Thursday, August 30, 2012

plans for the end

I have decided to add a little side story here just for you all. This is a little tale of the coming into being of the BUNKER!!!

it was the early 20th century and chemical and biological weaponry was being developers by all the major powers, Oronegro became the base for all allied mass production of these weapons, the empires did not want to have the people worrying about possible releases of deadly gas clouds!
To meet this new demand Oronegro went ahead with a plan to build a new factory, deep under the streets of La Ley. Construction started in 1921, and weapons were shipped off to Russia where they never saw combat usage, the Whites received the shells and other weaponry but was now in such a state that wherever they put the weapons, the reds were quick to take them.
By 1938 the Bunker factory was being expanded to prepare for the predicted demand caused by a war that was to come, still at this point the British and their allies were the main clients and supporters of the program. Yet it was the second world war that saw the biggest change, the factory made chemical weapons, meant to be used for a possible invasion of Britain, the invasion never happened and once again the factory was making weapons that saw no purpose! during 1944 the lead scientist left the factory, they were tired of what they saw of working for no reason. However there were some scientists that wanted to work! Nazi scientists from the crumbling third Reich came in their hundreds to Oronegro hearing that their expertise was still wanted!
These new scientists were to bring a new life to the project and by 1950 the factory was dubbed the bunker by the head of Oronegro's intelligence agency. the new scientists however did come with some extra baggage, Mossad agents were found in Oronegro, a major problem considering that Oronegro was supposed to be unknown to any nation except the current and former superpowers! of coarse none of the scientists were ever caught, though it was clear the larger powers were angry over Oronegro's willingness to accept criminals.
during the cold war it was these scientists who experimented in the most deadly of deceases and most potent of poisons, the scientists even experimented on humans, though they refused to ever experiment on anyone who was German or of German decent. 3561 people disappeared during the cold war. none were Innocent all were criminals, who while in solitary-confinement, were visited by some men in suits, the prison then experienced a blackout and when the power was back, the people were gone and so was the inmate!
though it was never announced what went on, it was clear that there was development of biological super weapons as well as work on gene manipulation. it will be noted that some of the top Nazi scientists were still alive during the Grand soviet reunion, it has been speculated that they developed a system to get cells to regenerate giving the subject their youthful appearance and also extending their life by at least 10-20 years. these same scientists were not seen outside the bunker after the reunion, perhaps because of their new projects or perhaps because they knew what was coming.
2025 saw the heaviest fighting in La Ley, the bunker was cut off, no-one knew what was happening, but it was clear that the Bunker was now under the control of a pro-rebel leadership. On Jule 15th the NBC teams of the National forces went through the sewers encountering unexpected Resistance from rebels, mostly armed thugs. When they reached the bunkers sewer entrance they found it guarded by some elite troops, they turned back and returned to the surface only to find that the gangs had mortared the building they had come from killing many of their comrades.
The next team to go underground scouted out the tunnels, they noted down a glowing green sludge coming out of some culverts around the bunker. But perhaps their most startling find was that the sewer rats around the sludge affected areas were cannibalistic and were unconcerned when stepped on!
A third team was deployed on the 4th of July discovered humans infected by what was later dubbed the ZOMBIE GENE!!!! it was contracted by coming in contact with the sludge and also when bitten. the gangs that had fired upon the first group now tried to eat the third. they were wiped out and the guards of the bunker were unaffected by the plague.
the Zombie gene was just the start of the horrors unleashed by those mad scientists from their bunker!!! Robots with heavy firepower, strange and monstrous beings and worst of all the troops it deployed, workers? rebels? or just creations? armed with advanced weaponry they almost broke resistance in the embassy district, it was only after deploying the black angels that they were stopped.
on September the 18th 2026 the bunker was attacked by an elite force of national soldiers, it took 18 weeks to subdue all the resistance in the bunker but some of the leading scientists were gone. as were the test tubes and containers that held the key to the plagues unleashed by the mad men in their stronghold.
the bunker was not destroyed but remade and turned into a hospital for those affected by the zombie gene the cure had been discovered right after the first zombies were encountered. the Government had got its top agents in before, they had got the key to the gene out of the bunker with some difficulty. the gene was got out by Agent 700 and the antidote found by the leading scientist the Oronegrean government had to offer! however the cure was not mass produced until the larger hoards had already been wiped out by soldiers who were fed up with the, do not shoot our ill and needy policy that was imposed by the government. Never again would the bunker be used to produce such weapons as those unleaded on the innocent people who lived around it.

But the scientists escaped and it was not until later on that their location and deeds was known by the government and their forces!

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