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Saturday, September 1, 2012

progress report...

well then I can tell you now that I have finished the first board for the new project! the only problem is that my camera has run out of batteries and I need to get some more... so what does this new board have to offer??? well it has 2 very important places! these are some hobby stores. based of some of the best companies in 20mm modern gaming... of coarse this is free advertising for them, but I still have to get a response from 2 of the 3 companies (2 share a store). so I have got the go ahead to have a Elhiem models models store! they do great 20mm moderns, ww2, Renaissance and much more (even some zombies which might be helpful; look at last post). the other 2 companies I am still waiting for approval... these being S&S models, great 20mm vehicles and figures for WW2 and modern, I have some of their stuff (the only company I've included I have actually got stuff from) and the other is Byzantium models who make a nice range of 20mm scale buildings for France, Germany and the middle east! they can be opened up to allow inside play, just like my buildings, I think they would be good for a variety of eras also. Elhiem and Byzantium share a store, only because of the fact their home pages are almost the same :-D.
Also there is a small alleyway, with an open drain through the middle, a small model workshop and the end of a building from the cross roads board. so there are lots of places to do with models you ask... well I went for the idea that in La Ley each road/ street in the newish half of the city would that were on the X axis (this is a metaphorical axis) would be devoted to one craft and or trade, in this case models and war gaming, which are very popular in Oronegro, replacing other sports as there can be no international competitions, except with neighbours and other "lost nations".

well there you go hope to get the pics soon. also hello to Austin B my newest follower! who does not appear to have a blog? Anyway welcome to the blog and its small comunity of followers

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