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Sunday, September 9, 2012

more goodies - no more till Christmas

well I have ended my recent spending spree with a trip to the annual? town rotary book sale, fair, thing. so I roved the tables full of thousands upon thousands of books and then made a bee-line to the History/war section and there in front of me, the first things I saw, were some books anyone with an interest in the cold war would jump for, I didn't though I did grab them quick :-) then I decided to buy my sister (who came with me) 2 books on dog breeds because she loves dogs and she chose a book for my mum! Then I went off to the Sci-fi section to see if they had for some strange reason some books in Isak Asimov foundation series, I have foundation and prelude to foundation, I looked for a while and almost gave up but then! there they were foundation and empire, second foundation and foundation and earth, I decided not to get foundation and earth because I only had $2 left. So how much did all this cost? I hear you ask.... $10 that's right just 10 New Zealand dollars, not bad for... 4 cold war comics (both in terms of subject and age) + 2 dog related items (one BIG magazine? or book from 1998 and a little book) + 2 smallish Sci-fi novels + one Book for mum. I will not show you all the books, just the cold war comics.
they are very similar to the Soviet war power book I can get out from school

they are old - for books 1976 they were published! at the time they cost $3.15 for all except the weapons and Uniforms book which cost $2.35 I got them for $1 each :-D take that inflation

the soviet war power book at school is from 1980 so these are slightly older

this one might be of use then it comes to doing more in depth structuring for my Oronegrean forces

this is a very useful book, its funny to see the prototype Apache though and the Hind A-B instead of the Hind F (totally different cockpits).
well there you go. these are just another useful source of information and if any of you cold war gamers are interested I can give you some facts from these books. OK spending over now to save as much as possible for the future, well until Christmas and birthday and then I can stock up on some more stuff if necessary.


  1. I have a few WW2 copies of these books. My favorite is probably 'The Desert War'. Although brief it was informative and a good place to begin capturing one's interest in this campaign.

    1. I am almost through the uniforms and weapons book which has had a few phrases that either I did not understand or were odd. but on the whole I agree brief but informative... interesting to compare the facts in this book to the Soviet war power book of 1980 large changes in tanks and the hind as I said... in these books the T-72 is breifly noted as the "new" soviet tank in the war power book it dicusses how the T-80 is being planned for!
      in the uniforms book it talks about "walking out/parade" dress/ uniform and "parade on duty" uniform... what does it mean? I can uderstand every day and field, though field seems a little odd and if it means more than just battlefield I would like to know.

      so many stange expressions :-(

  2. "Walking out" uniform I've always inferred as the uniform you wear when on leave - a weekend or evening pass, say. I don't know how the military really works, but I can imagine the sort of thing where in the evening you're off duty, and are permitted to go off base of an evening. Maybe.

  3. Step outs are a smarter uniform rather than field camoflage! Parade and dress uniform is the very much smarter uniform used for official dinners and military parades.