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Sunday, September 2, 2012

embassies part2!!!! finnaly

yes well I found some batteries and I have got these pics. this is another board to add to the world of Oronegro. that's 3 down 3 bigger ones to go so not half way there but perhaps a third of the way. so here we go and I hope the model companies I represent here approve of it if not I am in trouble.... so lets get on with the presentation.
this is the addition not big but it adds quite a bit

still waiting from a response but here is the S&S models store, I could not find their logo so this is what I put up

the upstairs, it has a little workshop and some boxes with little models inside, are they tanks, trucks or figures?

downstairs and the store itself

there is the majority of the boxes, not looted??? this place clearly has good security

Elhiem models, producers of top quality figures.

Byzantium models producers of 20mm buildings

inside the store is a large selection of boxes, there is a large model building in the corner which is a product of Byzantium on display

some of these boxes are actually used as a sort of pick and mix as Elhiem models usually sell individual or small groups of figs, so each box contains a different type of fig, so either US marines from Afghanistan or some zombies, or perhaps aliens.

a shot of the rooms from above also a good shot of the wargaming club above the Elhiem/Byzantium store

the final building is a little workshop for a model maker/sculptor

downstairs and his workshop... I wonder what he is making

this is the upstairs bedroom of the workshop, with bed, chest of draws and a box

this is the roof of the Elhiem/Byzantium store, its tilled and has some Ivy growing on it

and last but not least the alleyway

that is a grim looking place

oh and some scaffolding

its removable, so I can put it anywhere
there you go hope you enjoy the update!


  1. Those look awesome! I love the down stairs workshop. Keep it up!

  2. With these hobby shops, Oronegro just became an attraction on my to-visit list :D

    Great buildings as usual Gowan

  3. Coming along nicely, Gowan. Here's a thing. If you can find pictures of packaging art-work by these guys, you might try reducing it down, not necessarily to scale, for the shop displays - perhaps as posters, or carton artwork, or something. Just a thought. It's all looking pretty good so far.

    I have just realised I had placed no direct link between my blogspot and yours. Hiatus maxime deflendus! I have now corrected this oversight. I've also begun my own map for my 'Latin Wars'. Unable to find what I wanted using Google Maps (not without a fair bit of effort), I've used a different approach.

    1. what a great idea with packaging the only problem is that I am not sure they have any?

      Oh I too need a link to your blog it would be rude of me not to put one up if you do... I'll get right onto it :-D

  4. thanks guys work has started on the next piece of the puzzel, it includes the entrance to an underground carpark (not under the embassies themselves) for the workers and more important visitors. also there will be some guard huts and some pracical defences, across the road some cafes and restuarants for the happy middle class wokeres and employees to take a mid afternoon break or for others to go to during the siesta if they are not able to go home.

  5. And now hoping that the mentioned shops send lots of sets to fill the shops! :-D

    Good work Gowan!


  6. Replies
    1. glad you like them. it's been a while since I made them, I have started to make single buildings now rather than whole streets.

  7. You have everything so perfect for actual battles that were battles between the Argentine Army and the rebel ERP(People's Revolutionary Army) fought in 1976 near the city of Cordoba!You could use the resister trips as the ERP and American uniformed troops as the Argentine Army!