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Thursday, September 6, 2012

hauling in the rebels, civillians and special guys

well that once in a while inheritance cheque, much delayed, finally came in last week. after thinking hard about what to do I decided that I would stop annoying people by asking if they could pass on models to me and decided to use the money to fist do some things on my favourite on line game, and then I went to eBay to find some good deals, after ruling out the USA's mega hobby for huge shipping costs I settled on Always model in Taiwan I think.I was amazed that their shipping was so good and although the figs were a bit more I saved $30 NZ! so what did I get???

lets start off with the rebels, I have long desired to get this set and this money gave me the chance to purchase it... the IMEX North Korean KPA!!!! old but incredible this now hard to find in NZ set was well worth the $12 US for 50+ figures I was very happy!

those of you who know about this period will note the non-historical AK-47 like rifle! a bad inclusion for the Korean war a good one for Oronegro

Now onto those civilians, this time a Caesar set from WW2 so some of the weapons will be old and the cloths out of date. However they have a distinctly European look which I need to balance out the Arab look of the current civilians/ armed gangs

I would have preferred to get the newer set with the nun and the figures that have rudimentary uniform but they were not available on the Always model site :-( anyway these figure will make an interesting addition to the rebels civilian wing

and finally we come to the special guys, another Caesar set that I think will be used in the end for both forces in this war and also for some of the outside nations. it is of coarse the Caesar special forces set! the only really modern set that's coming in this haul.
these guys will be very useful to me... perhaps even I can find a use for the one in the old style British helmet as so far as I have thought right now he seems a little odd. the swimming diver will be the most annoying of them all to give a use outside of representing the walking diver when in the water... so it is really annoying that the ratio is not 1:1 but 4:1... however that does not detract from a very good set.

All pics are of coarse from that modelers god-send the most useful site that I have found, for plastic models, when it comes to purchases. all in all this cost me around $55 NZ which seems quite a bit but is a good deal when compared to other places. and I still have some money left over which is even better.
Hello to Chris from just another wargames blog no seriously that is what it is called :-)
have a nice day guys, now I can be safe in the knowledge that I will not have a completed list of things to paint! That is a cardinal sin for us war gamers


  1. Oh, that diver I can think of all sorts of scenarios for: La Ley is a sea port isn't it? Oronegro has a navy. I've no doubt some sort of limpet mine would do Oronegro's maritime operations and/or its merchant marine a whole lotta no good...

    The main river that runs through La Ley looks navigable a fair distance inland; abd if there is any river traffic, important bridges, hydro-electric power stations kicking around, your diver chaps can be certain to make their existence a little... uncertain...


    1. oh yes of coarse I forgot about all that! yes the river is navigable for large ships up to the town of el Pollo and then smaller vessels can navigate right up to the foothills of the moutains in the west! plenty of Hydro electric dams as my maps show and loads of both naval and murchant traffic at both the river and sea ports of La Ley! the only thing is that there is this 4:1 ratio of walking divers and the swimming one, if it was the same of each I would be very happy.

  2. That are three very nice sets! Good purchase!


  3. The man with the "British helmet" isn't British at all, but a sniper of the Soviet VDV( Airborne) forces of the Afghanistan war era, armed with a Dragunov sniper rifle...the man with the "riot shield" isn't facing a riot, but rather it's a bullet proof shield used by the British SAS circa 1981.