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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hmm one more set should do it! Oronegro infantry

well I am not saying that one more set and I am done with them totally no no no I mean to get a century! 100 soldiers + some command and back up... currently I have 88, 60 standard soldiers 8 Command and support and 20 specialists This set should do it...
48 + 88 maybe be 136 altogether however that is not the end of the story... in this set I get 13 LMG's and 6 Rocket launcher troops, 3 potential NCO's and 25 normal guys
well lets try and get 100 troops I have this plan for the Oronegrean century so far...
a team = 5 soldiers (5)
a squad = 4 teams (20)
a unit = 2 squads (40) + 10 specialists; LMG's, stingers, Dragon etc. (50 total)
a century = 2 units (100)

this is what with this set I will have
136 total
85 standard troops (only need 80)
18 LMG's (4 M60 + 14 Saw)
2 dragon
3 stinger
3 Javelin
9 one shot rocket launchers
5 snipers
4 MP's
2 medics
4 NCO's

how to reduce the numbers; take the 9 one shot guys and make them become normal soldiers after using the rocket launcher... I now have 27 to deal with, make the NCO's, medics, MP's, Snipers and Centurion not count towards the century... now I have 11 to deal with, 5 normal soldiers should become spotters for the snipers so I have only got only 6 soldiers to deal with, 5 LMG's (SAWs?) can be used as a body guard for the NCO's and the centurion so just on man to deal with and one Saw should become the Optio, a roman term for the second in command of the century :-) all neat and tidy, perhaps in future I can add some bomb squad troops, civilian relation teams and perhaps a could more medics to make a grand total of 150 soldiers 100 under the command of the centurion and 50 either acting in a command role or as support!


  1. Sounds like a good plan. You will be happy with this set, I've bought 4-5 over the last several months, mainly for the LMGs and grenade launchers. Just beware, the plastic is terrible. I strongly suggest Paul's glue method.

    1. I have noticed that adding PVA to by plack base coat after primming makes all the following layers of paint stick on like they were part of the plastic :-)thanks for the tip.

  2. Very nice set indeed. I think I must have one lying around here to! Looking forward to see them painted!