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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AFV's who gives what??? soviets and the west are involved

Well I have been looking around for AFV's for a while now... I have had kind donations and looked at tip offs on good deals and I think I have found a good site... armory they were recomended by the manufacturer ACE models so I am hoping that the good deals that are shown on this site are genuine. so the big question is... when I have the money what do I get????

I do have plans... as this is the age of cold war2 (I thought it could make the game more interesting) the west and  the soviets will both be taking an interest in the nation of Oronegro. so I should think about old and new weaponary and armor being seen on the battlefield from those respective sides... Emmett (Winttrix) gave me the idea of having a british peace keeping froce to make my challenger II seem more at home in the game, which I like as an idea. but it might make the game to multinational but we'll see the alternative is it is a donation but I do not think that might work... but what else?

WELL here is what the soviet may be giving, and the kits I might use...

BMP-2 (from ACE models?)
looks cool but maybe to much to be giving?
T-90 main battle tank (ACE models as it is cheap?)
Advanced so maybe nor, a T-72 with reactive armour may do
BTR-152V (ICM kit)
good but maybe not advanced enough
BTR-60PB (ICM kit)
I saw some Kazak Elite police with one of these so my rebels would be right with one
There will also be a veriaty of other things mostly trucks but also a few hevier vehicles;

  • Ural trucks 
  • Zil trucks
  • BM-24-12 rocket launchers fire system
  • zsu/23/4a/a (S&S models)
THE WEST shall provide.... I shall not show pics as I cannot be certain of what manuacturer to use

  • M60's
  • styker APC's (mostlikely Tamyia models0
  • M113's 
  • M2 Bradleys
  • Humvies ???
  • Challenger II (or should they be part of a british peace keeping force)????
and others... still not quite sure but I would like to also add a bit of euro flavour south america is a mixture of US and euro.

I am not sure what I should get or even think of saving up for so I would like you to recomend which of the products or types of AFV stated abouve would be good. and add to the list if you like. please do not expect me to get anything soon and if I do get the donated M60's soon I shall do them first. the challenger II may be intergrated in one of two ways but I might get on and paint it soon or when I feel I have the experiance or courage to try it


  1. I hate to burst your dreams, but...I would stay away from the ACE kits. I've been building models for years and just tried one lately and they're not much fun, quite a challenge to follow directions an get things to fit and look right.
    I would stick to Revell or dragon for now at least. The HMMWV kits by Revell are great, each set includes two of them.
    Of course its up to you modeler. The Challenger sound exciting, I'm looking forward to what you decide on.

  2. I guess the trick is to work out what arms deals are likely to have taken place between the arms manufacturing powers (UK, USA, Germany, France and others); alternatively how weapons might have been acquired by 'underground' means.

    For instance, it appears that a major supplier of weaponry to Hizbollah back in 2006 was the USA via some tortuous routes, entirely, of course, unintended by the Bush Administration. If that sort of thing happened in reality, how easy it becomes to invent some such machinations leading to the Oronegrin factions' acquisition of highly militarised contraband materiel.

    Having said that, I suppose you would need some plausible means of explaining how the Oronegrin military developed expertise in operating said equipments - much less easily done these days than, say, immediately post WW2. A few ex-British Army mercenaries might be able to supply this...

    What I'd probably do is work out an organisation (Armour, Mechanised and support units, plus militias and what not); then look to the sort of equipments that might plausibly be available to these units and formations. You might indeed have a mix - some older equipment, obsolete in 'First World' nations, but owing to shortages, remaining on the first line strength of the Oronegrin Government Forces as much as the Insurrection.

    Check out the sort of thing 'Uncle Brian' has done in his Harad project ('A fist full of plastic').

  3. Mind you, I have in the above note omitted the role of military 'advisers' to both sides, who will be training up local crews and teams, whilst more than likely fronting up at the sharp end from time to time.

  4. @ Ben ok. besides the T-90 is far to advanced, I also think that the ICM kits are better as I have made one before, so I'll stick with them, so the BTR's are going to go on the possible list...

    @Archduke Piccolo, good point. And advisers are a neat idea. I am following Uncle Brians blog closely for a while now and have seen some great ideas. I will post a reformed list of possible purchases later, also A plot line is in order so I'll get thinking, and a bit of researching