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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

looking ahead... yes I am mad

well now last post I talked about what I had done so far in  total now lets put it all into perspective. lets see what I planned to do all along and see all the possible games and scenarios and other things possible with just this system of ply boards and scraps. I also know many of you proberly wonder what I base my buildings off. what I saw in argentina. well now let me show you all.
right now onto what is to come. those 3 boards are what is next. 2 shall form part  of a rebel air and  millitary base (hense the jet)

now onto the inspiration part. this is slightly more random. this was my host families house, it was very unique in the town

this building is quite similar to what I want to make as you can see all the white  in my boards is well placed, all I need is some grey

street arrows for one-way roads I am adding them now actualy

this place is rather grand. the embassy of franonia 

this place is rather pretty the embassy of rayonia, no where near the other embassy of coarse

another look, so loverly, I must put more ivy into my boards

the main bank. rather grand so not really what I want

the oldest pub in town (san antonio de areaco) maybe better for the industrial sector

now I am just showing off. oow cobble stones they might be useful

ignore the stray dogs and the cyclist if you please. look at the buildings mine are similar in colour  which is what I have been trying to tell all of you wha ask "when will you be painting the buildings?".

ignore the face!!! look at the building ivy and tiles a good home for a black market dealer

so what all the project may turn out like. a winding battle of street fighting and carnage

this board goes between the rebel base and the streets, it will have some industrial buildings and some crudy ones. thanks to archduce Piccolo for the idea!!!

these are the rebel base boards they represent the edge of a base. they will have a bunker entrance and some hangars. I do have more ply which will be added later so this arangement is by no means final
well I hope you enjoyed this look at what is to come. as I said thanks to archduke piccolo for the idea of an industrial area. that is exactly what I want to happen on this blog!!! so just send me tips and ideas and if they are good; NO FLYING HIPPO BOMBERS PLEASE!! I'll include them in this project.

oh I just won on trade me a mig flogger B so now I will have another jet to put in those hangars :-D


  1. Mad, eh? Bite me!! :-) It's all coming together pretty well so far.

  2. thanks BTW I did not get the mig in the end. postage costs brought it up from $8 to $20 which is about the same if I got a new whole kit from somewhere