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Friday, April 6, 2012

what I bought and bidding wars

Right now I am going to answer the question on everyones lips, What esci sets did I get???

yes it is an old one, cheap as well what a deal
love the berets, the hat is stupid though, perhaps a lucky follower mat get some
not the most inspiring poses but dedent ones
grr 2 more stupid hats but that does not matter
and I also got
ooh another old one. remember it only cost $8.95 ea and $5.20 postange
well more NBC guys is good
I already got some airfix ground crew so many of these guys are going to visit mr converter
they all seem to be posing for a photo
these guys seem to be doing something
well there you go I got those. and I may be seeing that money this fortnight. so I thought I would bid for...
but someone else bid before me so the race is one can I get the money owed to me in time? will those people bid again, find out soon

there you go. wish me luck and if it was one of you who bid, please stop and if you were buying it for me, please tell me first next time. Well there you go, one those sets get here I'll think about those russians with those annoting hats


  1. They all look fine...waiting painting!

  2. crap I am out bid and now it is out of my price range :-( ah well these things happen. maybe I'll get better luck some other time