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Saturday, March 17, 2012

modern streets post4

OK one more building complete another almost complete now as I venture past the half way mark I feel quite satisfied about what I have done so far... But lets hear what you have to say about it. so here is what I have done so far....
so the two new boys on the street. the alley way is now quite forboading with those two great walls over shadowing it...

this tri of terrorists seem afraid even with che watching over them

so let us look in the garage... Who's truck is that I wonder

ah maybe I should not have asked... anyway the builing is not quite done yet as is evident from the globs of glue.

the "shop" next to the hotel is now a little doctors practice where the doctor plans more that his appointments.

maps on the wall. guess where and I'll name the garage after you. well a spanish version of your name if needed

blue prints, secret plans, city layouts, sever maps. Oh he must be looking for a way to fix brocken arms...

down stairs the waiting room little benches against the wall and a desk

and the gloomy alley way. Is that a blood stain?
there you go. I am over half way now. so I hope that soon I will be complete and we can see the army running through the steets ducking away from sniper fire and shooting through windows... I can smell the smoke grenades already :-D

and now helo to sebastosfig from somewhere but I do not know. great to meet you hope that you'll be interested in my ideas and I'd like to hear yours also.


  1. and the competition is over. Congratulations to sascha and randall... the bar will be named after sascha and the doctors practice after randall.... They guessed it on Benno's chat. sascha got Colombia and Venesuala and randall got Argentina

  2. real cool great work love the detail