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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

how about a discussion on what should go in the bar...

If you did not know already I am going to put a bar into the street project. But the bar needs to serve something. that is where you my followers come into it...

I knew I would use this poster some day :-P
TO say what your favourite type of drink is. I already have a few... For sascha's bar we have

  1. Glenmorangie-scotch (sascha's favourite)
  2. Quilmes- beer (argentine)
  3. ???
that is where you come in state your favourite drink and it is in... I wine list may also be good. I recently thought of a way to make wine bottles. so come on then name the drink. I don't drink so have no opinion on what is good or bad, I'll just put in what you want.

Helo to Ray (rousell68) from don't throw a one and rays music page. We may find out his favourite drink as well if he replies to this post


  1. I don't drink so how about coffee lol. I suppose it could be Irish coffee since its a bar. I just read about Beefeater Gibsons how about that? I think they are a cocktail with a hunk of onion in it.

  2. I don't drink either but who cares about that, it's got to be the scotch all the way if i did it would be scotch, coffee Poo, cocktails are for pussy's how about something that comes with a rocket launcher to give it a kick

  3. do none of us drink? ah well at least I know that I do not have to worry about alchoholics ranting over nothing on my blog...

    @Kent I agree with you. no cocktails or coffee. this is a south american bar not a New Your night club