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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A bunker with a mad lab inside idea contiued

Ok here we go more. You didn't comment on the first post but if you were going to it is too late now. My mind works (malfunctions) faster than a speeding speeding thing :-P

So what have I come up with.
Further dicussions have made it clear that I must get some NBC or some hight tech looking troops to guard the sewers and secret passage ways around the subterrainian bunker entrance.
Do any of you know where I could get some from?

Here is some images of what the sewer could look like...
this has all the awsome points. I am looking for...
side passages. secret alcoves. security...
and it is the right shape
I think that whover designed this obviously knew what I was thinking
Look even toxic sludge. I should definitely include that somewhere
Also people are quite keen on the robot idea ;-D though I am trying to convince my friend "mechs are too advanced for near future". But I still want your input on this. I am going to make this bunker so it would be nice for some help here in the research and investigation phase.

I am going to follow my graphics design plan

  1. Do research and investigation
  2. draw concept sketches
  3. select a concept and dovelope it to a final design
  4. draw that final design with instuments. ie. set squares, rulers, french curves.
  5. This next step isn't on the graphics list but it is on my moddeling one: Make the models
So there you go my plan and how I will acheive it. Come on and give me a hepling hand. info, tips, ideas, even requests (like part of the sewer being named after you), are all very welcome

Time to acknolage my new follower Rodger from rebel barracks I hope that he'll give me help in future and enjoys following (If it is actualy possible) my mad train of thought throughout this blog.

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