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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A bunker with a mad lab inside idea

I have had this idea for a while now but never really bothered to put it up here. now that changes. In light of my desire to build a sewer system I thought that a bunker that could be accessed from underground passage ways and the surface would be a neat idea.

in essance A scenario where by following on from previous ones two players go head to head one in the bunker the other coming up from the passage ways that connect to the sewers, and also attacking from the surface.

So what would be a good design?

  • I could get one of my plywood bases and build a bunker on top of it
  • I could combine them and have a bunker with a removable top but has areas for guns sticking out of a hill 
  • or I could use papiamachet? (I cannot spell) and build up a hard outer shell for a hill and construct a bunker inside that.
I like the idea of papermachet it is easier to make but I really want a removable roof and I want those concrete gun emplacemanets. I do not want to compramise on these things.

So what goes inside?
Well does this give you any ideas...
I plan to put in a labratory. for a mad scientist. This will give me some cool scenarios...Zomibies, mutants, robots. All created by a mad man. (yes a version of me in miniature) Here is some of the things I am looking out for that might be usefull in the lab or guarding it...

This guy is availible from black cat bases. A perfect near future guard for me. I mean a mad scientist.
So there is a guard but what about a helper for those radioactive areas all bunkers with me. I mean mad scientists have...
He looks useful. both robots stand 29mm tall so they are quite realistic for the near future. Lets face it they need to be that big to fit in the computers that control them.
A little more Sci-fi but a cool scenario could be made with these fellas. lets face it look at what we have got already. these are just the i-pod 3G mark 129 :-P

So I have a cool idea and I have got some warning signs. I have found a tv remote and got its ciurcite board.
OK not the board I got but similar. I'll use mine for a super computer
So bit by bit I am already building up the nessisay stuff needed for this project.

Have you got any tips for me? 

now onto acknolaging my followers
Helo to The Angry Lurker from his blog: The Angry Lurker A really cool site really worth a look or 2. Or just follow the blog like I did.

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