The projects and ideas I have altered and helped by you

This blog is designed to give the viewer more to do than just read, look and comment. I have made it so that you can comment and help me with my projects and influence and help realize my ideas. Do not be shy come on and help me create a mini world

Monday, February 27, 2012

Helo one and all to my other blog!!

right let's get donwn to buisneuss. Namely why have I started this blog...

Well I realised that my other blog Gowan's 1/72 scale models was getting filled up with posts on my major projects. I therefore decided that I wanted to show the world how I was progressing in my projects but not to fill up my models blog with them... the solution

This blog

here I will not only post my projects for you to look at but also I'll post my ideas for new projects and other plans that you the viewer can discuss with me. I would love for everyone to do that even if you don't have a blog just post as annonymous. I want this to be a more interactive blog. With me the blogger posting ideas and progress and you the public commenting and recomending on them...

so come and say hi I really don't mind if all you say is just hi just say something ;-D


  1. I want to see your crazy ideas...


  2. Not sure if dividing subjects into different blogs is a better solution, but hey, who cares?

    I also want to see those ideias!!

  3. thankyou. besides now I can see who likes my ideas and who just likes my finished work.

    I love coming up with ideas most of them mad but thats why it's gowans crazy ideas.

    welcome one and all to my new other blog