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Monday, February 27, 2012

MY first crazy idea!!

OK well lets get started here is my first mad idea... It is for a bit of terrain... for my modern stuff.....
It's a sewer system...
ok so not such an apetisinng idea but one that might be of use for countless games.

here is the main idea...
as you know PVC piping is very easy to get hold of all around the world. So I hope maybe you could also copy this idea. I was planning on using the circlar tubing but that would require alot of work to make it useful. so intead here is the plan.

  • The rectangular PVC piping you get at the hardware store.
  • some superglue or PVC cement and silicon filler if required.
  • some foam or other suitible material for the walk ways.
  • paint.
Something to help design the sewer system. some pics.

There you go something to use as a guidline then but what do I need to know and what can you help me with???

Here is my material I intend to use.
What I want to know is how should I use it.

  • should I make one solid base with a set layout?
  • should I have many modualr pieces?
  • how do I create the central channel and, or raised walkways the sewers in the images have?
  • what do you know about gaming in sewers?
  • if you were to play a wargame in a sewer what would you want it to be?
  • how can I do this in a ceap and easy, yet good looking way?
Yes alot of questions but why not? this is my first crazy idea I am sharring with you so I want you to know what sort of things we can disscuss.

So go on comment, advise, help, or just say it is a stupid idea. this is my first of many crazy ideas! :-D


  1. Nice idea, it should be really cool.

    I guess the hardest part would be to cut the tops open to allow access. Do the modular pieces thing because it will work best for wargames. The raised walkway is easy, just use a long thick dowel. Don't bother with making a solid base, you can just drape some gray felt over your table. Those areas wouldn't be seen by anyone as they are underground.

    Use some gloss varnish liberally after painting because of the moisture in a sewer. If you want to make it really awesome use some brick texture styrene!

    Best of luck!!


  2. Thankyou Emmett. actualy I think I'll follow that plan if and when I begin this project.

    as for cutting open the tops no problem I can either use the saws at school or I know a few people in the local industry who have the right tool. And if all that fails I always have a few saws right here at home ;-D.

    Wonderful idea about the varnish. I was just thinking about that. I shall look into getting some textured card also. I think I know where to get some.

    Ok anyone else got some ideas or suggestions?

  3. Nice new blog. How about a wood base the size of your current city project? You can use a thick piece of foam and cut out the various tunnels and passages. Just place your city board on top of it, maybe build a sewage plant in the near future, that could also make good use of "man holes" and sewer grates, just an idea.

  4. why not use half pipe, saves a lot of sawing, sanding and so time

  5. Nice ideas guys.
    @ben I think I'll go with the modular system. what I may do though is make it possible to link the board with the sewers. ie include man holes and in the bar we have already planned a trap door.

    @mondria I do not know if it is as easy to get hold of half pipe. this project like so many others runs on a budjet of "as little as possible". ALAP Also if I go modular I'll be cutting angles and other bits and pieces to make corners T juncions, ect, ect.

    Nice I was hoping for this kind of responce. Also I'll start planning on this end about possible layouts and games to be set.

    The question is do you want another crazy idea