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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

progress report...

in general the situation here is one of great progress in the figs department.. shinney little men are rolling of the production line at light speed. however builders will be buildes and no progress has been made on those embassies.

a materials shortage is the claimed cause. however these contracters are a dodgy sort (I know I have good friends who are contractors :-P ). they problem is due to parents dumping the piles of cardboard boxes left over from moving house. I'll need to build up supplies before work can start. then there is the problem of paint. I am getting low on black and grey which are crucuial to the construction effort. with cash reserves low. construction will have to remain on hold for the duration on the current cash shortage in the oronegrean reserves.

well not a good report on the whole but the figs are doing well..... Unfortunately I have doveloped a nasty cold and am off sick again... moving to another country means you must go through al those nasty deseases again :-( we have been here 7 years and still I get ill

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