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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NEXT GAME ? Franonian and Rayonian relations

well you saw my last game. but I need a new one. I have one plan which is that the forces of the oronegrian army go into clear out the area only to come into contact with some rebel army regulars and specialists, not to mention Karri .C. Tuf's goons. But after that game I have no idea what to do. Karri's revenge (if she survives the previous game). perhaps the Rebels send in paratroopers. I'll need to do allot more painting to do that. I have some Spetnaz for them.

So I need ideas. I have allot of figs waiting in the wings. German peace keepers a British tank. heaps of ground crew personnel. for the airbase when I get around to it. NOT TO MENTION THE NEW US GUYS for my Oronegrian army, (the original Caesar set)

In the last game I had the diplomats from Rayonia, I saved them but only just. but suspicions amongst my commanders in the HQ have grown that maybe the Rayonian diplomats helped the rebels plan the ambush.
Now let me make this perfectly clear I do not suspect Rayonia of any plots (sorry Fran your Intel is not my only source). But what do I do. I surly cannot operate my military machine without pledging my allegiance to one of these people.

Now before you say GOWAN WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING TO ADD THIS STUFF. It'll add a twist to my game lets face they set up fictitious nations either of which can supply me or the rebels, and as they are not real they can send me equipment that no real nation would send together i.e BTR-80's and Challenger tanks at the same time. also it just makes my embassy district look cool if I include these countries... the Franonian and Rayonian embassies can be facing each other and show signs of firefights between the buildings :-P

now I know it is not the smartest idea but why not? and I would be quite happy to add your fictitious nation to the list.

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